The Master Perfumer Oriental Summer No.11

the master perfumer oriental summer

Now I don’t consider myself to be a fragrance snob but I do have to admit the isle of cheap fragrances at the drugstore is one I’d like to avoid. Call me judgmental but I just don’t find them attractive at all… HOWEVER my unexpected love for The Master Perfumer Oriental Summer No.11 fragrance is one story I felt like I needed to share, especially for those who – like me – couldn’t even bother to have a look. View Post


Too Cool For School McGirly Smoothie Pack

Prepping for a holiday can be a bit of a drag as a beauty lover. What do you pack and what can you part with (at least for a week)? Ah decisions decisions.. Especially masks are a difficult product category. View Post


Yves Rocher Monoï De Tahiti Lagoon Hair & Body Wash

If you’re looking to bathe in Summer but tired of the same old coconut / papaya / insert typical exotic fruit scents then this is for you: Yves Rocher Monoï de Tahiti Lagoon Hair & Body Wash. Both a shower gel and a shampoo, this blue goodness smells like it came straight from paradise, giving you the ultimate summer holiday sensation. Now also available in a 400ml format, this affordable summer must-have will keep your skin soft and smelling amazing all season long. A big thumbs up from me!

Yves Rocher Monoï De Tahiti Bodyshampoo (150 ml) – € 2
Available at Yves Rocher

Disclaimer: Product was purchased



The Face Shop Mini Pet Fruits Hand Cream

You may recognize this cute little cat. Before you is the infamous The Face Shop Mini Pet Fruits Hand Cream. Around for many years, this is one of the products that captivated the hearts of many, laying the roots of the global K-beauty craze we know today. The reason why is quite obvious, isn’t it? View Post


Eylure Volume N°70 False Lashes

Let’s talk false lashes. If I compare Belgium to other make-up loving countries, I’d say we’re not exactly front in line when it comes to wearing fake lashes in general. As for me we’re sort of in a love-hate relationship. The truth is I have about a dozen lying around in a shelf untouched. Mostly because I feel like these PR samples don’t fit my make-up aesthetic which is more enhancing than covering. View Post


Primark PS Pro MakeUp Tools

primark ps pro oval makeup brushes beauty blenders

The Primark beauty section sure has been buzzing on Instagram lately. For every new beauty hype there surely is an affordable dupe to be found at Primark. In the search of the perfect Beauty Blender dupe, I picked up a set of 2 blending sponges. And then in the corner of my eye I spotted these oval brushes, better known as the Artis dupes. I was never interested in coughing up that amount of money for a makeup brush, but at a fraction of the price I was willing to accept the challenge for this experiment. Do these actually work? Let’s find out! View Post