A’Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey Glow Serum Tint

Following my review of the first batch of A’Pieu x Rilakkuma products it was inevitable that I would give in and buy some more from the second batch which launched in the Fall. (I have literally no self-control when it comes to Rilakkuma – sorry.) Two of the products I purchased were the A’Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey Glow Serum Tint and A’Pieu x Rilakkuma Honey and Milk Lip Oil. View Post


Rimmel Eye Pencils

With so many beauty launches each month it’s easy to forget about those good old staple products. Pencil eyeliners have been around for ages and are a must for every makeup bag as they can be used for various classic makeup looks. I don’t tend to spend a lot on eye pencils and neither should you. The drugstore has plenty of affordable but decent options to choose from and today I’d like to discuss two options from Rimmel that I’ve been using for years. View Post


L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paint

It was sad to see one of my favourite L’Oréal lip products go, but one can’t weep for too long when they are replaced by the new L’Oréal Infallible Lip Paints. First launched at the beginning of the year (in BE), the range has been enlarged twice this year, which now comes down to a total of 17 shades and 2 finishes (Lacquer/Matte) to choose from. View Post


Innovation: Micellar Shampoo

nivea micellar shampoo

Micellar water has been a bathroom staple for years now and I was pleasantly surprised this technology had been reintroduced in haircare. View Post


Givenchy L’Intemporel (Blossom)

A busy lifestyle, an overbooked schedule, not enough sleep… I put my skin through a lot and it shows. As I’m approaching my 30s my skin takes longer to recover, with breakouts, tired and dull looking complexion that lacks radiance as a result. To help my skin get back its vitality, I’ve mainly been relying on 2 new moisturizers from Givenchy; one for during the day and one for during the night. View Post


Dior Holiday 2017 Precious Rocks

dior holiday 2017 collection precious rocks

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking forward to the Holiday collections. Despite sticking to the same packaging every year, Dior manages to suck me in every time. The gold details look very chic and sophisticated, and even though they are a nod at old-school glamour, they are never really out of style. They almost look like Christmas ornaments on their own, making them the perfect collectables or gifts for the Holiday season.

This year though Dior – or should I say Peter Philips (yay Belgium!) – has really outdone himself and created a collection around gemstones that is absolutely stunning. Meet the ‘Dior Precious Rocks‘! View Post