Eylure Volume N°70 False Lashes

Let’s talk false lashes. If I compare Belgium to other make-up loving countries, I’d say we’re not exactly front in line when it comes to wearing fake lashes in general. As for me we’re sort of in a love-hate relationship. The truth is I have about a dozen lying around in a shelf untouched. Mostly because I feel like these PR samples don’t fit my make-up aesthetic which is more enhancing than covering. They’re way too extra for me and the thought of me wearing them makes me picture myself with heavy makeup and the ability to cause a whirlwind just by blinking. I mean that’s fun for a night out or for a makeup experiment on the blog, but on a daily basis.. no thank you. On the other hand I follow a lot of Youtubers and particularly Asian ones that wear really fine and elegant styles of lashes. They convinced me it is possible to use fake lashes to enhance your natural looks without coming off as too artificial.

After that I decided to take the plunge and dig into my PR shelf to find the most natural style I could find that would match my lash needs. My lashes are naturally long, but they lack volume and curl. Enter the Eylure Volume N°70 lashes. They’re a pair of lightweight full strip lashes that create a subtle, airy look and enhance the natural beauty of the eyes. Like all Eylure lashes, a mini tube of glue is included in the box. I wouldn’t say it’s the best glue out there for the job if you have oily lids, but it manages to keep my lashes on all day (unless I squint my eyes too much from laughing too hard, but I guess that’s not a bad thing?)

stylelab eylure false lashes volume 070 a

The lashes themselves are just lovely. Nice and fluttery, fit my eye shape and really open up my eyes. They give my own lashes some more body while making the overall look a subtle one.. if that makes sense? I’ve been wearing them quite regularly during the last couple of weeks and I’m looking forward to try more similar styles. I have purchased some in the UK as well as Japan (the holy land of false lashes), so you can definitely expect more of this soon.

What do you think of fake lashes? Do you wear them or why not? Got any styles you recommend?

Eylure Volume N°70 lashes – € 8
Eylure is available at the drugstore (Di in BE).

Disclaimer: PR sample




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