Too Cool For School McGirly Smoothie Pack

Prepping for a holiday can be a bit of a drag as a beauty lover. What do you pack and what can you part with (at least for a week)? Ah decisions decisions.. Especially masks are a difficult product category. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for your skin but they usually come in big, bulky tubes or jars which makes them the first item to go when I feel like I’m overpacking. The easy solution then would be to go for a sheet mask, but then again they also take up quite some space considering they’re packaged separately and I tend to mask at least twice a week.

Enter the mask pods! These little TCFS McGirly Smoothie Pack masks are just perfect to take on holiday. Each pod contains about 3 uses worth of product, which is the perfect amount for a 1 week getaway. They come in 3 variations and I tried two of them; Brightening (Lemon + White Rice) and Moisturizing (Avocado + Oat Grain). These cream formulas carry small colored (dissolvable) beads and are really gentle on the skin. They feel cooling as well, which is nice during summer. After opening I keep them in a sealed bag in the fridge.

Do you pack your masks for holiday or do you skip them?

Too Cool For School McGirly Smoothie Pack (25g) – $ 6

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