H&M Beauty Favourite – Infinite Impact Eye Colour

Who remembers my post about the massive beauty line H&M dropped almost 2 years ago? Since then I have tested quite a few of their products (but still not nearly enough – 700 references yikes!), but there’s one specific product I’d like to put in the spotlight today; the H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour aka the mono eyeshadows. In my honest opinion these did not get nearly enough attention and praise on the interwebz, because let me tell you; at this price point, these shadows are bomb!

The lack of buzz around them might have something to do with the Kiko & Nyx stores popping up all over the place, but before that finding a decent selection of good quality mono’s at the drugstore was quite the hassle. Can’t say the same for every country, but in Belgium there weren’t exactly many options to choose from. On the top of my head I’m thinking about the L’Oréal Colour Riche mono eyeshadows when it comes to good mono’s at the drugstore and that is pretty much it..? Most of the time, either the colour selection is extremely limited (4-6 shades) or the product doesn’t deliver in terms of quality or pigmentation. Luckily H&M steps in with a collection of over 20 shades and various finishes to choose from.


First of all the packaging of the H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour shadows  looks really thought-through. I love the glam eye look with gold embossed letters on the cardboard boxes since it’s not something I would expect from a budget brand. They also have a sticker that indicates what the colour will look like inside, but it’s not always on point. I would also recommend to swatch the colours in the store first before buying online.

The product itself comes in a white case with gold top which perhaps won’t give you the satisfaction of a heavy luxury product, but the fact that it is so lightweight does make it easy to travel with. I would love to see H&M come up with a system to depot them and put them in a palette. I have tried one of their palettes but the quality is not nearly the same.


At the launch I picked up 3 shimmery colours which looked like they could make a killer Autumn look: Mojave, Molten Mauve and Sahara Dawn. I ended up loving them so much I recently caved for another pair: Chin Chin and En Pointe which have a glittery and frosty finish respectively. I can’t comment on the matte shades, but the formula of the shades I’ve tried feels very smooth and is very pigmented. Just look at the swatches below!

The fallout is minimal, I would say Chin Chin is probably the one where you need to be careful not to have glitter dancing all over your face, but that’s about it. En Pointe is probably the most underrated shade of the bunch. When looking at the display, it doesn’t really stand out (I’m a sucker for glitter), but once I swatched it on my hand I knew I was never gonna let go. It’s a beautiful every-day nude greige which I love to use all over the lid and then add a pop of Chin Chin on top of the lid and in the inner corner of my eyes. Love. Love. Love.


Swatches f.l.t.r.: En Pointe – Chin Chin – Mojave – Molten Mauve – Sahara Dawn.

At a price point of € 6 a pop, the Infinite Impact Eye Colours aren’t the cheapest mono eyeshadows around, but they still make really good affordable eyeshadows. If you’re looking for some good mono’s on a budget, I would definitely recommend having a look at the H&M beauty range!

Have you tried these mono’s yet? Which one is your favourite shade?

H&M Beauty Infinite Impact Eye Colour (2 g) – € 6 / £ 5 / $ 7
Available at select H&M stores and online.

Disclaimer: Products were purchased.


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