Trend | Beauty Wearing The Beast

And no, we’re not talking about fur! If you’ve kept a close eye on the past fashion weeks, you probably spotted a lot of these sweaters. The KENZO sweater with a fierce tiger head was popping up literally everywhere. While this type of green isn’t really my favorite shade, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to this particular piece. Perhaps it was a tiny feeling of nostalgia that made me look back to the times where logos and big animals were closet essentials.

And this trend really makes me wonder; are big and bold logo’s, the one part of branding that has been an absolute NO-NO for the past years, making their comeback? Or is it just the case for Kenzo, whose Eiffel tower sweaters and logo caps are making a sudden reappearance on practically every major style blog? In that case, it’s a darn good marketing trick.

Anyway for those who are looking to get one, it may be hard to come by. For an alternative, check out the one by Titi + The German Kid, proudly worn by Kim here.


Pics courtesy of StyleScrapbook, Jak&Jil, We The People, The Blonde Salad, Elbows&Knees, Le Blog De Betty, Carolines Mode,, All That Glitters (Chicisimo), Skuref, Sarah What and The Little Edit.

What do you think of this new trend? Yay/Nay?