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I have a confession to make. I love watching beauty hauls, favourites and swaps on Youtube. I could literally spend the whole day doing nothing but that while in the meantime making my own little wish list of all the things I want to buy. Today I’d like to show you some beauty vloggers (not really a fan of the word ‘guru‘) I really like and perhaps you will enjoy watching them too.

This list changes all the time but these are my current favourites (in no particular order) where I go for inspiration, tips and new stuff to buy. They’re mostly UK-based since the products that are mentioned on US channels are hard to get or unavailable here.


Anna is one of the b/vloggers I turn to when I’m looking for more luxurious beauty products, the kind that is sold at Selfridges, Space NK etc. There are very few bloggers that make me want to own their whole stash, but Anna is definitely one of them.


More luxury can be found on the pretty channel of Alix. I like the relaxed vibe and beautiful surroundings of her channel and videos. Plus, we agree on quite a lot of things when it comes to product (dis)likes. I’d raid her stash anytime.


We continue down the luxury road with Lily Pebbles’ channel. I found her through Anna’s channel with whom she often does vlogger collabs.


Zoella is one of the most popular bloggers out there and I can totally get that. She’s gorgeous, funny, real and not afraid to show her goofy side. She does all sorts of things on her channel (challenges, tags, blogger collabs..) but it’s mostly beauty related (hauls, favourites, tutorials..). Whenever I watch one of her videos it puts a smile on my face. Definitely one to watch!


Another vlogger whose enthousiasm bursts out of my screen is Fleur. Her channel is a mix of luxury and budget buys and she often does collabs with US vloggers.


The only Dutch speaking vlogger that made the list is Vera. I mainly watch her for her mostly budget-focused hauls, likes/dislikes videos and new make-up releases. For me she stands out of the Dutch blogging community because she’s very down to earth and always very honest with her reviews. Vera also tries her best to keep everyone happy and tries to help where she can by giving truthful advice. She just looks like a sweet girl I’d be friends with.


Another Dutchie I really like (but she vlogs in English) is Nikkie, whom I’ve been following for years. She’s such a talented makeup artist (especially at such a young age) she just had to be in this list. Her approach is more American-stereotypish (from the accent to the OMG’s and high pitched squeals), so you have to be into that. BUT she’s fun to watch and not afraid to make fun of herself. Kudos to you gurl.


And last but not least, the only man in this list is Wayne Goss. He’s a makeup artist that has taught me a lot about different techniques to apply makeup for everyday use. He recently also released his own makeup brush collection, which according to reviews, is as amazing as his videos.

I’m sure I’m still forgetting some but I could go on and on about this.
What do you think of the list? Anyone you are following or going to follow from now on?
Any other Youtube beauty vloggers I need to check out?

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