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Whenever I go on a trip, there’s a big chance Rituals in involved when it comes to packing my beauty stuff. Apart from the great products they make, they also make them in travel-friendly compact sizes. Just in case so you won’t forget about your bathroom favourites when you’re abroad you’know.

When I started packing for this trip, I wanted to take my Ayurveda (Yogi Flow) shower gel with me, because it would match the Ayurveda shampoo (Brilliant Bliss) & conditioner (Shikakai Secret) I’m also bringing along. As it turned out, it was almost finished and since they don’t carry the Ayurveda mini size separately (why Rituals, why?) I went for another one of my faves, the Sensation foaming shower gel sensation with Organic Rice Milk and – yep, you guessed it- Cherry Blossom.

But the main reason I love this shower gel so much is not the scent, but the formula. You only have to put a little bit of the gel into your hand and once it comes into contact with water, it foams like there’s no tomorrow. This is exactly why this is the perfect travel companion. You only need the smallest bit, so even when you take the travel size, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time. Afterwards, the skin feels soft thanks to the rice milk that nourishes the skin while smelling like sweet cherry blossom, the Japanese symbol of purity. You can finish with the Magic Touch body cream afterwards to experience the same fragrance sensation, but if you have normal skin, the shower gel should be enough because it won’t dry your skin out.


Also a special shoutout for my new Rituals Luxury tray. Isn’t it pretty? You can keep this in the kitchen near the sink to store your hand wash or simply keep it in the bathroom to display your bath products. I love how both refined and rough it looks.

Rituals Zensation foaming shower gel sensation (50 ml) € 4 / (200 ml) € 8
Rituals Luxury Tray € 9

Rituals is available at Rituals stores, online and at Ici Paris XL.

Have you tried any of the foaming shower gel sensations?

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  1. April 7, 2015 / 11:15 am

    Oh yeah, that tray looks beautiful! I’m a big fan of sakuras (expressed my love for them on the blog today, actually :-)) so these sound like great products.

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