Review: Redken Nature’s Rescue

If you’re living the big busy city life, you might sometimes feel the need to leave it all behind and go back to your roots, which is of course; nature. Whether it’s a sunny day at the beach, a hike in the mountains or a park picnic, we all have that special place that helps us escape from all of the craziness and helps us relax and recharge our batteries. Well, you might not know this, but your hair could use a good detox as well.

Every day our hair is affected by washing and haircuts or exposure to sunlight, moisture, pollution and the effects of individual stress. That is why Redken has come up with Nature’s Rescue; a new hair care line free of parabens, sulfates and silicones that gives your hair a proper detox. The kelp and plant extracts remove impurities and help nourish hair, leaving it clean and fresh.

The range consists of 4 products to be used in 4 successive steps: Refreshing Detox Shampoo, Cooling Deep Conditioner, Refining Sea Polish and Radiant Sea Spray. I got the chance to try the Refreshing Detox Shampoo and Radiant Sea Spray, of which you can read my experiences below.


Refreshing Detox Shampoo

“Sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free cleanser washes away daily stress by helping eliminate impurities, pollution and buildup.”

When I first opened the bottle cap of the Refreshing Detox Shampoo, I didn’t quite know what came over me. An incredibly fresh, relaxing ocean scent filled the room, making me want to jump in the shower asap and rub it all over me. This is definitely one of the best scented shampoos. Ever. Seriously, they should make a scented candle out of this little sea breeze in a bottle. Even the bottle itself breathes nature, with its images of water and green, and the fact that it’s made out of 100% PCR.

When washing my hair, I noticed the shampoo doesn’t foam as much as ‘normal’ shampoos. This is because they used an alternative ingredient for sulfates, that is softer for your hair. Another thing I noticed, is that my (long) hair became more entangled compared to when I use other shampoos, so I really had to use a conditioner afterwards to make it easier to desentangle and comb it straight afterwards. This is probably because the shampoo really penetrates the scales to clean them.

You can use it every day, only I’d recommend to use it only once every two weeks or so, especially when you have dry hair. Well that, and because it’s a bit more expensive too. The result after a couple of sessions is healthier looking hair, but I’d use it just for the nice scent as well. 😉

Radiant Sea Spray

“Lightweight, multi-functional spray adds texture while time-touch fragrance capsules release bursts oceanic scent when hair is touched.”

The Radiant Sea Spray is the perfect alternative to be used in between the detox shampoo sessions. It gives the hair some extra texture, so it’s perfect for a beach-coupe. The spray contains perfumed capsules that diffuse the same ocean-fresh fragrance each time you touch your hair. It’s sort of a perfume for your hair.. loves it!

The only thing I didn’t like is that the spray cap (or what do you call this?) doesn’t work that well. It leaves big, wet stains on my hair instead of diffusing a light scented mist. Therefore, I’d advise not to use this when you have to leave the house right a way. You have to give it some time to dry up first. Nevertheless, it’s still a great accessory to have in your hair care cabinet.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed using these products and my hair has too. I can honestly say they’ve earned their spot in my favorite hair products-list. In my opinion, the product range has more of a summer fragrance though (I was a bit too late with this review, sorry! But since we’re experiencing an indian summer, it’s never too late!) It’s a bit more expensive than the regular Redken products, but it’s a good investment. After all, doesn’t your hair deserve some pampering too?

Price info:

Refreshing Detox Shampoo 200 ml € 18,50
Cooling Deep Conditioner 125 ml € 20,40
Refining Sea Polish 100 ml € 25,50
Radiant Sea Spray 100 ml € 25,50

Redken Nature’s Rescue is available at your local Redken hairdresser.

These products were sent to me by Redken upon consideration. 
This does not affect the honesty of this review.

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