Review: new L’Oréal make-up

I already mentioned that I attended a L’Oréal Paris press presentation in November last year in my “Sublime Mousse” review. Well, the hair dye mousse wasn’t the only new product that had to put to the test. I always expect the worst, so that way the product can only surpass my expectations in a positive way. That was clearly the case with the first product; the Infaillible Brush (Infaillible Pinceau).


The infaillible foundation now comes with a built-in brush to make the application of the foundation a whole lot easier. To start, you have to twist te upper red half clockwise a bout 10 times before the foundation comes out. It’s really important only to use a little and apply it on the back of your hand, so all the hairs of the brush have foundation on them. The hairs are cut in a particular way so areas that are hard to reach like the sides of your nose, are also easy to cover.


The Infaillible brush comes in 6 different shades. I got the 145 Beige Rosé to try out, which luckily matched my skin tone. It’s pretty hard to review a foundation when it’s not even your skin tone, since the choice of color is often where it goes wrong when it comes to foundation. Who wants to walk around looking like an orange or a carrot? Right, neither do I. Another thing we want to avoid when using foundation is the mask effect. This can be easily done by applying some foundation on the middle of your face and work your way outwards. Blend it out on the sides of your face using your fingers. Don’t stop at your jaw line, but cover a little of your neck as well for a natural effect.



As you can see the foundation covers my blemishes pretty well. It’s almost like I’ve been photoshopped! You can still see a little bit of them here and there, but that can be easily fixed with some concealer. Adding more foundation wouldn’t look natural anymore. The foundation is nicely even and has a matte finish. But because I have an oily skin, it’s inevitable my T-zone becomes shiny after a couple of hours.

Ok, so the color looks great and it’s easy to apply. The only thing I’m worried about is hygiene. You can’t clean it with water and you’re only allowed to use a tissue when cleaning the brush each time after you use it. I wonder how clean you can keep it in the long run with only a tissue. I’ll just have to see and find out..

I haven’t finished testing this, but for now I’d say I’d give it a 7/10, which is great for a foundation in that price range. (I’m extremely picky).

The Infaillible Brush costs €16,99 and is now available at Kruidvat, Di, Ici Paris XL etc.


Lash Architect 4D

The second product I tried is the new Lash Architect 4D mascara. The 4D implicates that the mascara has an false lashes effect on the length, thickness, texture and shape of the lashes. Sounds pretty promising. The packaging is sort of futuristic with its 4D shape and silver cover. The brush has actual hairs instead of silicone hairs, which made me doubt if they would be able to seperate the hairs of the lashes as well as mascara with silicone hairs.



I used 3 layers for the picture The outcome is just as I had expected. My lashes look longer, thicker and have a nice shape but the mascara failed to seperate them well enough to create a natural look.  I’d recommend to use this mascara for evening looks like for example a smokey eye, which is of course not meant to look natural. This mascara isn’t bad, but it’s also not the best I’ve had either. The bottom row of lashes look good though, so I think I’m gonna hang on to it and give it another shot. Maybe with one layer less, the outcome will be a lot better. For now I’d give it a 6,5/10.

The Lash Architect 4D mascara costs €15,99 and is also now available.


Color Infaillible

Another thing I did love is the new Color Infaillible eye shadow range, which has 7 colors:

I got 3 to try out: Hourglass Beige, All Night Blue and Purple Obsession. I don’t say this much about cheaper brands, but I really love the packaging. If the racks at Kruidvat weren’t so messy all the time, I’d seriously believe they would be from another (more expensive) brand.



The texture of the eye shadows is really soft, it’s more creamy than an actual powder. The pigmentation is really nice too. All 3 colors have a nice shimmer reflection when they meet light. All Night Blue and Purple Obsession are just perfect for hot smokey eyes. In combination with the Lash Architect 4D they’d create a killer evening look. I consider Hourglass Beige to be better serving as a highlighter for below your eyebrows or on the inner corners of the eyes, than as a mono color. All night blue practically looks like the blue one I recently bought at MAC during the Technique Lessons, only this one is only €9,99.

Another thing that’s great about these eye shadows is that they stay put for a very long time. Be sure to wear one of these when you’re going to a sad movie, because no matter how many tears, this baby won’t budge. On the other hand, it takes a while before it comes off, so better look out for a good make-up remover. You can’t have it all!



I really love the colors, and I’m considering to make my collection complete by buying the other colors as well. I’m kind of bummed this collection only has 7 colors, because I’d definitely be interested in buying more. Excellent quality make-up that looks high-end and has a very affordable price, well that’s the best make-up any woman can wish for. +1 for l’Oréal on this one!

Love, love, love these eye shadows. They totally earned an 8,5/10!

Each Color Infaillible eye shadow costs €9,99 and is now available.


Have you tried any of these products and what do you think? Or are you planning on getting some?


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