NOTD: OPI Need Sunglasses?

First of all, Happy Easter everyone! I thought this was the perfect occasion to review my new yellow OPI nail polish: Need Sunglasses?

I’ve wanted a yellow nail polish for so long and I was so happy my mom got it for me for my b-day!

The color is not pure yellow, it’s more of an yellow-orange or ocre color, so I’m still looking for a bright yellow one.

In the picture I’m wearing a base coat and 3 layers of Need Sunglasses. I needed 3 layers because it is a transparent color and even after 3 layers, you can still see a bit of my nails.


In the end, taking my time to applying them really paid off. I’ve been wearing this color for 10 days now, and it has only chipped a little bit on the corners of the index and middle finger on each hand. With no top coat at all, I consider that a great achievement for a nail polish that costs only 13,99€! Chanel has a lot to learn in that department!

I love wearing this color for this sunny time of the year. It really stands out and I’ve already received lots of compliments about it. Plus, it goes great with the neon color blocking trend. In other words, a must-have!

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