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Those who have been following my blog for awhile probably know I have a thing for nail art. One particular trend that hasn’t had the opportunity to appear on this blog, even though it has been around for about 2 years now, is that of the caviar nails = tiny pearls you put on top of your nail polish. Even though I’ve been intrigued by this concept from the very beginning, I was a bit hesitant about it. ‘How can one get those tiny pearls onto a fingernail without making a total mess?’, I wondered.

After 2 years my prayers were heard when I found this gorgeous duo manicure set in the goodie bag of the Dior Holiday event. The Diorific Jewel Duo Manicure 001 is a luxurious golden set of a golden shimmer nail polish, transparent pearls, a golden funnel that has ‘Dior’ engraved and a plastic tray.

stylelab beauty blog dior diorific duo manicure nail art holiday 13stylelab beauty blog dior diorific duo manicure 001 steps
How it works:

Step 1: after base coat apply 2 layers of the golden nail polish
Step 2: after the second layer of gold nail polish, immediately place the plastic tray under your finger and start pouring the pearls over the nail polish until its completely covered
Step 3: add a layer of top coat to make them stick longer
Step 4: collect the remaining pearls from the plastic tray and pour them back into the bottle by using the funnel

stylelab beauty blog dior diorific duo manicure swatch

The result is absolutely amazing, my picture really doesn’t do it much justice. It’s THE perfect manicure for the holidays, I can’t really say more about how beautiful it looks IRL… However. It’s longevity is an absolute turn-off for me, which is a damn shame. Without top coat, it’ll only last 2 hours or so, with top coat it’ll last a day.. if you’re very careful & lucky. The base polish is just like any other Dior polish, so it’s not specifically made to do this kind of nail art. If the polish were a bit thicker, maybe they would hold onto the pearls much better. Who knows.. The only thing I know is that I wouldn’t spend that much money on this item. It looks pretty, but that’s about it. If I come up with a better set or way to do caviar nails, I’ll let you know, but this just isn’t going to do it for me..

Diorific Jewel Duo Manicure 001 –   € 41

Exclusively available at INNO (Brussels & Antwerp BE).

This product was offered by a brand/PR. This doesn’t affect this review in any way.

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  1. December 18, 2013 / 8:52 am

    Wauw dat ziet er super uit! Wat een mooie potjes en wat een resultaat! Dat straalt pure luxe uit!

    X Sara

  2. December 18, 2013 / 9:37 am

    Wauw ziet er heel erg mooi uit!

  3. December 19, 2013 / 1:36 pm

    Jammer dat het niet lang blijft, want ik vind het wel heel erg mooi!

    x Krizia

  4. December 20, 2013 / 2:37 pm

    Ik hoop dat die caviar trend snel voorbij is… Sorry Dior 😉 Ik ben geen fan.

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