Review: Blicious Cleansing Cream and Body Wash

A while ago I received 2 products from the new Belgian beautybrand ‘Blicious‘ at my door. Blicious offers what they call ‘cosmeuticals‘, a compromise between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The product range is free of any parabens or artificial preservatives and has not been tested on animals. The products are easy to apply, are suitable for both mature and younger skin and are the ideal skin-care range for men and women alike. The Blicious skin-rejuvenation programme is indicated for lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, sagging skin, poor blood flow to the skin, uneven skin structure, impure skin, dry skin and to keep your skin in perfect condition.


To boost the skin, Blicious uses a simple 3 step plan: cleanse, regenerate and stimulate. I’ve received 2 products to cleanse the skin; the Intelligent Cleansing Cream and the Hydrating Body Wash. Overall, I like the design of the packaging, which looks luxurious and sophisticated. When you have a closer look however, that luxurious feel disappears because of the cheap materials. The design is just a label that has been stuck on it, instead of using an embossed print what you’d normally expect of a product in that price range. I’m also having doubts wether men are going to purchase a product that is pink/purple.. What I do like about the packaging is that it’s user friendly. The cleansing cream has a small pump that gives the perfect dosage for the entire face and the body wash has a flip switch, so no trouble turning the bottle cap with your wet hands under the shower.

Intelligent Cleansing Cream

“Thanks to the addition of almond oil, a natural emollient, this gel-like, cleansing and hydrating emulsion is also suitable for sensitive skin types. Calendula and aloe vera sooth the skin while shea butter intensively nourishes the skin. Due to the astringent (causing the pores to contract) properties of hamamelis you no longer need to use a toner, which considerably simplifies your cleansing routine. So, following cleansing you can immediately apply a moisturizer. The fact that this cleansing cream also doubles up as an eye make-up remover makes it an absolute beauty must-have. This product has not been tested on animals and does not contain any chemical preservatives.”

Directions: Massage the cream gently into the skin, rinse with water or remove with clean cotton wool or tissue. Cleanse your skin twice a day to get the full benefits of the other Blicious products.

200 ml – 36 euro

The cleansing cream is a white creamy fluid with a really nice fragrance that made my skin super soft. Another plus is that it’s a cleanser and a toner in one, so that saves me a lot of time during my daily beauty routine. What I miss on the packaging is an instruction manual, because it wasn’ t very clear to me if I had to rinse it off or not.

Cell Hydrating Body Wash

An invigorating shower gel which cleanses the skin without dehydrating it. A compositum of the natural ingredients Glyceryl Cocoate and Glyceryl Oleate stimulates hydration and cell renewal while you shower. The addition of Panthenol ensures that the body’s natural moisture balance is maintained. Use before applying the Cell Restoring Body Milk to boost absorption.

250 ml – 28 euro

I’m not much of a fan of the Cell Hydrating Body Wash. It’s some sort of a transparent gel that smells like a mix between Vicks Vaporub and a pharmacy. Other bloggers seemed to like it, so maybe it’s just me.. Also, when applying the product, the gel refuses to spread on my skin, leaving a thick blubbery mass behind. What I do love about it is that it’s really fresh, which is helpful for this sleepyhead to wake up in the morning. And it makes my skin have a soft feel.

Are you curious about the products from Blicious? Want to experience your own ‘Blicious moments for body and soul’? You can buy them on their website.


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