Ready for another round of Kirilove?

The killer looks, the brains, the fashionable job(s), various tv-shows, a book deal, the handsome hubby, two adorable kids, a closet filled with designer clothes and her own clothing collection. Or make that two. Tiany Kiriloff has acquired about everything a fashionista could ever dream of. And that dream is about to take another turn with the launch of the second Tiany Kirilove by Vero Moda collection. For one evening the Belmodo HQ transformed into a giant bloggerfest where Tiany and her creations were once more the center of attention. And well deserved. The collection was an explosion of colors that represented the ever cheerful and creative person that she is. Vero Moda made a great decision when they decided to give that wheel another spin.

For inspiration lady T. turned to her own wardrobe: retro, colorful and everyday, but with a touch of fashion. This resulted in 3 themes: ‘True Blue’, ‘Pretty in Pastel’ and ‘Prints Rock the World’. True Blue’ combines the kobalt blue pants with the printed red top, perfect for those who are looking to add some more color into their wardrobe.

Pastel is the next big trend for spring/summer and Tiany managed to cover it very well with the peach pink suede jacket, cream top and eclectic skirt combo. This has to be my favorite Kirilove look to date and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or more) pieces!

Whenever I see a mix-‘n-match of different kinds of prints I think of Tiany, and vice versa. So Kirilove wouldn’t really be Tiany if there weren’t some opulent prints involved! ‘Prints Rock the World’ is a fashion rule that fits her style perfectly and this is translated in a bold green plant print to give an outfit a personal twist.

The collection is extremely wearable, versatile and so ready to hop into your closet, and mine! Take a look at some of the pieces below and you’ll find your fashion heart go into acceleration..

If you want to get a piece of Tiany, you better head to your local Vero Moda asap! Part 1 of the collection (True Blue) is in stores as of today and you can expect part 2 as of March 28th!

To Tiany & the entire Belmodo, Vero Moda and Listen Up crew;
thank you so much for having me!



  1. February 11, 2012 / 4:49 am

    Those photos are truly awesome 😀 The collection looks lovely 🙂

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