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A while back I was invited to the P&G Beauty Behind The Scenes event to discover Max Factor. During the event Alex Valverde, MUA at Max Factor, demonstrated a ‘Retro Chic’ look using the new Smoky Eye Effect eye shadows and Lipfinity Liptints. Since the event, I’ve recreated the look numerous times so it’s about time I put it on the blog so you guys can try it at home as well.

Here’s what you need:

Everything by Max Factor:
Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation in Natural 70 — € 14,95
Creme Puff in Translucent 05 — € 12,49
Mastertouch Liquid Concealer — € 10,99
Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 14 Soft Pink — € 10,99
Smoky Eye Effect eye shadow in Bronze Haze — € 13,99
False Lash Effect Mascara — € 16,99
Kohl Pencil in 010 White — € 7,49
Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in Passion Red — € 11,99
Lipfinity Topcoat — € 8,49

How to video with Alex Valverde (in Dutch):

My experience using the products:

1. THE FACE: I love using the Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation. It comes with a soft sponge that makes it easy to spread the foundation smoothly, while still providing enough coverage to hide small imperfections. The Creme Puff Translucent Powder also comes with a sponge, but the texture might be a little rough for sensitive skin so I prefer to use a soft face brush of which the hairs are cut in a round shape. The powder is really soft and helps matify the T-zone. One thing I really dislike about it, is its scent. The perfume that was used simply reeks and this prevents me from using it more often. It’s a shame.

The Mastertouch Liquid Concealer is perfect for touch-ups because of it’s sponge tip applicator. It’s liquid so I’m under the impression that it’ll run out really fast. On the other hand maybe it’s for the best that it doesn’t contain that much product if you consider the hygiene. But still, for that amount, I think €11 is a bit too much. And last but not least, the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush is to die for! It’s absolutely one of my favorite Max Factor products, if not one of my favorite blushes! It adapts to the body warmth which makes it really easy to blend, leaving a healthy peachy blush. You can add as many layers as you want to intensify the blush. Just apply on your hand, then on the cheeks, blend and repeat this process until you have the color you like.

2. THE EYES: Applying the eyeshadow using the Smoky Eye Effect duo ‘crayons’ is practically child’s play. Just like the Miracle Touch Cream Blush they adapt to body warmth which makes it really easy to spread and blend the colors. This also causes them to move after a while so I’d recommend to use a primer underneath first. The beige side is to be applied all over the eyelid all the way to the eyebrows. It gives off a nice subtle pearl shine that illuminates the eyes. The dark brown shade is to be applied right above the eyelashes and under the lower eyelashes to add some depth. Blend upwards with your fingers (no wiping, only patting). It’s really that easy and you can do it in a jiffy, no prior experience needed!
To illuminate the eyes even more, add a line of White Kohl underneath the eye. The Kohl Pencil gives off color nicely, without irritating my eyes. Perfect! Now onto the False Lash Effect Mascara. It clearly makes my lashes longer, but they still could use a little more curl, so take out the eyelash curler for extra va-va-voom effect.

3. THE LIPS: To end the tutorial, we apply Max Factor’s star product; the Lipfinity Lip Tint by drawing a line around the lips using the tip and then coloring it using the side of the marker. After that the video suggests to apply some transparent Topcoat in the middle of the upper and lower lip. The Lip Tint really clings to the lips which makes the color last a really long time, even when drinking and eating. But, it also causes for the lips to become really dry. So my advice is to use a lip scub, hydrate them with a lip balm, pat your lips dry with a tissue, then add the Lipfinity Lip Tint and then use the Topcoat all over the lips.

The Result:

Note that for these photo’s I only followed the steps from the video. Because the eye look is subtle, it was really difficult to capture on camera. But believe me, it looks way better IRL! It’s a perfect daytime look, even with the red lip, so just try it out! Of course you don’t actually NEED to get all of these products by Max Factor to create this look, but I would recommend to at least get the Miracle Touch Creamy Blush, the Smoky Eye Effect and the Lipfinity Lip Tint (if you don’t own a lip marker yet). Have fun practicing!

This post contains products that were offered by a brand/PR.
This has no impact on the honesty of this post.


  1. February 13, 2012 / 12:31 pm

    Oooo I LOVE this look on you!!! VERY pretty! And believe it or not, I understood what he’s talking about in the video lol. Apparently my Dutch is up-to-scratch when it comes to makeup vocabulary :p

  2. February 13, 2012 / 6:39 pm

    Leuk! Vooral die felle lippen, wauw !
    Ik heb op mijn blog pas een soorgelijke post gedaan met productjes van Bourjois. Feel free to come and take a look 🙂


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