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By now we all know it’s important to not only cleanse your skin in the morning but also in the evening, no matter how tired or rushed you are. Thorough cleasing in the evening is essential to get rid of pollution caused by make-up, carbon monoxide, smoke, airconditioning etc, in order to keep acne, blackheads and wrinkles away.

But, we also know that it’s not easy to find a cleanser that can do a great job fast without irritating the skin. That is why Demak’ Up created a brand new range of liquid cleansers that are applicable for all skin types and can be used with other products from the Demak’Up range: cotton pads, make-up removal wipes and eye make-up removal pads.

Because my skin is very sensitive and prone to outbursts of acne, I don’t take cleansing lightly and always opt for a thorough cleansing. That is why I prefer liquid cleansers over make-up removal pads, which are also available in the Demak Up range.


(fltr: Micellar Tonic Fresh € 4,59 — Foaming Cleansing Gel € 5,85 — Cleansing Milk € 4,59 )

All liquid cleansers are free of parabens and contain the Phyto-Bourgeon® concentrate, which is extracted from the buds of cotton plants. Why cotton? Because the cotton plant alltogether provides 6 assets that contribute to the enhancement of skin hygiene and comfort: antioxidant, peeling & soothing, anti-irritating, hydrating, calming and purifying. I like the clean packaging and the switch cap makes it really easy to get the right dose of the product. All cleansers have a subtle, pleasant smell.

The Result

I prefer to combine the products in order to obtain the best result. I start off with the Cleansing Milk for my face in combination with the Duo+ cotton pad. To avoid irritating the skin I continue with the sensitive cotton pad. After that I use the same method with the Micellar Tonic on my eyes. In the image above I’m demonstrating how effective the tonic really is by applying it on top of a dark shimmery eye shadow, which always gives me a hard time to take it off. The technique is as simple as pressing the cotton pad onto the eye for a few seconds and then wipe softly. Thanks to the honeycomb structure of the Duo+ cotton pads, I’m able to get about 80% off after only 1 wipe!! After 2 more wipes with the sensitive cotton pads, I’m make-up free. To finish, I use the Cleansing gel to get any leftovers that might’ve found their way into my pores.

The conclusion

I was really surprised how fast everything came off without unnecessarily irritating my skin. Now I won’t have any excuses for leaving my make-up on after a long day. And on top of that, my skin feels really soft and fresh. All these factors combined made sure the Demak Up cleansers and cotton pads have earned themselves a permanent spot in my beauty stash.

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  1. February 9, 2012 / 1:22 pm

    This looks cool! I’ll check this line out when my current products run out!

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