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October 31st! Do you know what that means? Tonight we’ll be celebrating one of my favorite days of the year; it’s Halloween baby! Time to dress up and watch scary movies all night long.

Much to my dismay, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as in the States or South America, even though its origin lies right here in Central Europe. There’s only one channel who devoted their airtime to horror movies tonight, and 2 out of 3 are horror-comedies. Now that’s what I call true horror! What happened to all those horror classics that could scare you shitless?! I myself, love a good thrill. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to know!

Some of my personal favorites include:

The Alien series is probably my favorite horror/sci-fi series ever. One thing’s for sure: I don’t want this creature landing on this earth. Do not watch if you’re preggers.

If you can’t handle one ghost, how about I give you a house full of ’em? The plot of this mini-series has lots of interesting twists and turns. The first episodes will leave you with a lot of huhs and whatdafuqs, but soon all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. I’m currently hooked on season 2, which tells the tale of a totally different horror story.

Another good oldie that started the current rave on so-called true footage films like Paranormal Activity and Rec. One to watch when you’re by yourself. In the dark.

Is there anything scarier than your own family trying to eat your intestines? I think not. If the zombie apocalypse ever emerged, I know I’m screwed. Make sure you also check it’s parody; Shaun of the Dead.

Already seen all of them? Then head out to Kinepolis tonight for a special screening of the latest horror flicks; Bait 3D, The Possession, Paranormal Activity 4 and Sinister.

So what are you up to tonight? Stayin’ in & watch movies? Or go to the theatre for Halloween Night? Going to the graveyard with friends and tell ghost stories? Or perhaps you’re attending a Halloween-themed party? Whatever you do, be cautious cuz you never know what evil might be lurking in the shadows…

Happy Halloween everybody!


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