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When it comes to beauty products, my biggest weakness is probably nail polishes. Even though I’m not a person to buy dozens of the same shade, I seize every opportunity to stock up some more colours. Whenever a new collection reaches my inbox, I’ll get excited like a little kid that’s been promised a trip to the candy store. Below are the latest collections that got me all starry-eyed. 

Before, MAC wasn’t really the place to be when it came to nail polishes. The only polishes they had were from the limited edition collections, and we all know those sell out pretty quickly every time. To tap into the feeding frenzy of nail polish haulers like me, MAC has launched a permanent collection of 30 colours. Some are old favorites, some new, and some re-releases. The polishes come in three finishes–pearl, frost, and cream.

Shades include: Faint of Heart – Skin – Soirée – Fiestaware, Morange – Impassioned – Shirelle – Sparks OnScreen – Flamint Rose – Rougemarie – Vintage Vamp – Mean & Green – Formidable! – Midnight Tryst – Deep Sea – Delicate – Snob – Girl Trouble – Saint Germain – Steamy – Girl About Town – Screaming Bright – Quiet Time – Coffee Break – Anti-Fashion – Dark Angel – Spirit of Truth – Discothéque – Nightfall – Nocturnelle – Overlacquer

You can buy them in store or online (shipping is free >€ 40).


The James Bond franchise is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and what better time for OPI to do a collaboration inspired by the latest JB flick; Skyfall! Each polish from this 12-piece collection is named after one of the 23 Bond movies, which kinda makes me wish there were actually 23 polishes to choose from. Moviegoers will spot Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe wearing two of the OPI shades in the Skyfall Collection: Skyfall, a magnificent maroon on top of her nails, and GoldenEye, a glorious gold painted on the undersides. The result is as luxuriously dangerous as James Bond himself.

Shades include: The World is Not Enough – Tomorrow Never Dies – Casino Royal – Skyfall – You Only Live Twice – Die Another Day – The Spy Who Loved Me – Golden Eye – Moonraker – On Her Majestys Secret Service – Live and Let Die – The Living Daylights

But that is not all, I have yet to introduce you to the most remarkable polish of the collection: the Man With The Golden Gun special edition top coat which has actual gold flakes. This one’s definitely going on my wishlist!

The Skyfall collection will be available as of November for € 14 per polish. The Man With The Golden Gun will retail for € 45.


Fans of the classical red shade will find themselves on cloud 9 with the Red Hautes collection by Estée Lauder. Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director said, “This collection is my modern take on the most iconic color for nails: red. It includes a combination of classic elegance and naughty sensuality.”

Shades include: Fallen Angel – Love Bite – Le Smoking – Pure Red – Beautiful Liar

The Red Hautes collection is exclusively available at Galeria INNO Nieuwstraat (Brussels). Pure Red is available at all Estée Lauder counters. The polishes retail for € 22.


Essie brings us a set of some unexpected shades this Winter, but hey I’m not complaining! This collection was inspired by the modern woman who is totally driven and desires the best of everything. Well one thing’s for sure; I want all of these. And make it snappy!

Shades include: Beyond Cozy – Where’s My Chauffeur – Butler Please – She’s Pampered – Snap Happy – Leading Lady.

The Winter collection will be available at Di and Kruidvat as of November. Each polish retails for € 11.


Pronails gave their polishes a sleek new look and some fun product names. The Winter collection is the first to embody their new brand image and I’m totally digging it. The collection consists of 3 parts that are inspired by the strong independent and successful women of today. Sharp & Chic is for ladies who like to stay in control with its sober and classical shades.

Shades include: Urban Cool – Who Needs a Reason – Fuel Them Up – Foxy Brown – Provocation – Sharp & Chic – Plush Velvet Sofa – Sacred Red – Awesome Purple.

Future focus was designed for the edgy woman who doesn’t like to follow the trends. Kind of ironical when these collections are pitched as trend collections, no? Nevertheless a very cool collection featuring metallics with a futuristic sheen.

Shades include: Alchemist Black – Fast Forward – Intuition – China Chintz – Mind My Nails – Feminisation – Iron’ical – Anti Shock’in – Million Dollar Gold.


My personal must-haves come from the Black Intentions collection which features a matte black, a flaked holographic top coat and another black with metallic shimmers. Timeless, chic and very feminine.

Shades include: Patented Black – Decadent in Diamonds – Alchemist Black.

Prices may differ. Find a salon near you.

Any shades in here you’d like to add to your collection?

Info based on press releases.

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    Wow, i didnt know that Essie will be sold at Kruidvat. Great news!

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