Outfit | Camo Cameleon

The snow is gone, and guess what we traded it for : rain and ice cold wind. At times like these I really envy LA bloggers with their Spring getups. To reflect my state of mind I felt like dressing a bit edgier this weekend, so I pulled out my camouflage printed jacket I bought last Autumn. I love it, but haven’t gotten around to wear it that often because my mum absolutely hates all things camo and let’s just say she’s not that good at hiding it.

As much as I’d like to declare my fashion independence and state that I don’t give a f*@#, I can’t help but care about what people around me think, especially the ones that are very close to me. Is it holding me back from wearing things I secretly want to wear? Probably, but over the years I managed to break away from that ideal and meet somewhere in the middle in order to stay comfortable and experiment at the same time.

So today’s question is: have you ever been held back from wearing something you like by your family, peers..? Do they influence your way of dressing?

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Camo jacket: Zara — Studded sweater: Mango — Skinny pants: H&M — Studded boots: Forever 21
Ear cuff: River Island — Cross ring: Urban Outfitters — Gold watch: Michael Kors