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Looking back at my posts from 2012 I noticed I tested a lot of products. Maybe even too many. Some of them I loved, others.. not so much. Today I’d like to focus on the ones that blew me away. Some have been in my stash quite a while and others are completely new. In any case, these are the products I would repurchase and recommend to my family, friends & readers. Here they are, my top 12 beauty products of 2012

I tried to choose products from different categories as much as possible and I tried to stay away from lipsticks & nail polishes, since my preferences tend to change too often to put 1 of them forward as my absolute favorite. The products mentioned are all products I use on (almost) a daily basis and are mentioned in a random order. Not all of them have gotten a proper review on this site yet, so let me know if you’re interested in hearing a little bit more about them.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. Taking off makeup is a piece of cake with this baby. It’s not irritating or drying for my skin. I’ve talked about it here. I haven’t come accross any similar formulas that were as great as Purity, so it’s first place (for its category) is well deserved.

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil. Adding this to my hair care routine has done a lot for my hair. It looks healthier than ever. Ready to say bye-bye to those split ends? Read about the Mythic Oil range here. The Kérastase Christalliste Liquid Light Essence was a close 2nd.

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover. Removing my nail polishes has never been more fun since I bought this last Spring. Put a finger in the mousse, twist and –poof– it’s done! Since then many other brands (Bourjois, Hérôme, ..) have launched similar bottles that I have to try.

Kenzoki Sensual Bare Body Cream topped the Rituals Mei Dao cream because of its light creamy texture. Check out the full review here.

Shiseido Purity Oil-Free Matifying Moisturizer. This moisturizer has actually been in my stash for a while now and I’ve repurchased it several times. I’m not sure why this hasn’t made the blog yet because Shiseido’s Purity range works great for my oily/combination skin. The light texture gets absorbed into the skin fast and leaves a matte finish.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara. There aren’t that many mascara’s that can ‘wow‘ me to be honest. In 2011 it was Giorgio Armani’s Eyes To Kill. In 2012 I went for a cheaper option with Max Factor. Check out my post here.

Bobbi Brown Liquid Foundation SPF15 in 2 Sand. I discovered my holy grail foundation in 2012 and it was by none other than the master brand of natural beauty – Bobbi Brown! It’s not that easy to find foundation for pale skin that is both covering and natural-looking. BB is what did the trick for me. The Diorskin Nude foundation makes a good dupe. I haven’t been able to find a budget friendly version though.

Erborian BB Cream Light. My mind was blown when I first tried the BB creams from Erborian. Their ginseng version worked great, but the Light version is really what my skin prefers. It’s moisturizing (and matifying at the right places) and it covers well without looking like you have makeup on.  I always use BB cream whenever I don’t have the time to do a full makeup routine. When I finished my first tube, I was really sad. Like really.

Shiseido Stick Foundation Control Color SPF15. People with red blemishes or acne should have this in their stash. The green shade of the foundation stick makes all of the redness disappear. I use this after my primer and before I use foundation or concealer.

Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit in Pale Yellow & Ivory. I love MAC’s Pro-Longwear concealer, but I still prefer the BB concealer kit because it’s multifunctional (and I think MAC’s concealer scent is a bit off). It’s great for covering up dark circles, a problem I’m all too familiar with. Cover them up with the concealer and set it using the corrector powder. No one’s going to see you probably stayed up way too long.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Dreamy Blush in 14 Soft Pink. Choosing a blush was very hard (I liked the one from Hema and Guerlain too), but in the end I chose for Max Factor because of it’s creamy texture that makes it look more natural. Check out my post here.

Diorskin Nude Shimmer 001 Instant Illuminating Powder recently entered my stash and it was love at first sight. More than just adding glitter, its particles reflect the existing light, creating a beautiful and natural glow. I haven’t seen anything like it. You can definitely expect a hands-on review because it’s too amazing not to share.

As you might have noticed, for me it’s all about creating a natural, healthy looking skin by concealing the bad parts and highlighting the good parts instead of changing the entire appearance. The products above are the ones that helped me do just that. I can only hope 2013 brings us many more of these treasures because my hunt for the perfect stash is never ending..



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