October Favourites


October favourites time! Better late than never, right? If you’ve been reading my blog posts of the past 2 months you’ll see a lot of familiar products. I’ve been testing out a lot of new stuff and have been lucky enough to like a lot of my purchases as well. Don’t you love it when your money turns out to be well spent?

First of all, let me give another shoutout to one of my favourite face products I used lately; the Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream. It’s all used up now (managed to get 10 applications out of the 5 ml size after all) and I miss it so much! Despite the funky scent, I love how it evened out the surface and tone of my skin, while giving it a dewy finish. Once again Korea proves they are the masters of the universe when it comes to BB cream. 10 Days is a little short to be reporting back on the (lack of) benefits from the snail slime, which is supposed to help your skin heal faster from scarring and avoid wrinkles over time, it did intrigue me to find out more about it. This definitely won’t be the last product with snail mucus you see on this blog!

Although I don’t have the cure for a hangover or the after effects of the lack of sleep, but this product might help you to get back some life into your skin. The illuminating particles of the Kenzoki Cream With A Sheen* give the face just a beautiful glow to the skin. Because of the fragrance (smells great though), I don’t use this on my sensitive skin every day, but on days where my skin could use an injection of life. There’s a regular hydrating version of this cream as well, for those who don’t like sparkly skin care, but why skip out on the best part?

The weather is getting harsh and I’ve been swatching the hell out of my lips lately (more reviews coming soon), resulting in the nastiest chapped lips ever. Good thing I have Nuxe! The Nuxe Rêve De Miel lip balm is still one of my favourite lip balms that I have tried. A little on the pricy side, but definitely worth it as the jar goes a long way. I put this on as a night treatment and a little bit underneath my lipstick and they feel better right away. Unlike a lot of balms that simply make a layer to block bad stuff, this one nourishes the lips at the same time. Plus, it’s matte too, so you can share it with your man. They tend to use your stuff when you’re not looking anyways.


Stuff they’re probably not that into is makeup. I’ve got 3 wonderful products lined up this month. Of course the Dior blush stick in Cosmopolite Rosewood had to be in here. It’s a limited edition blush stick from the Dior Cosmopolite Fall Collection and they really should make this a permanent product. Not only is the colour to die for, the pigmentation and creaminess of this stick are amazing! The stick is super easy in use, just be careful not to be too excited when applying, because hello clown face! Just dab a bit on with the stick and then blend it with your fingers. Done.

To add some glow you can use the Benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter. This is a sample I got in the blush set from last year’s Holiday collection, but you can find the full size stick form in the permanent collection. The champagne-hued cream-to-powder formula is made to suit all complexions and makes the perfect consolation purchase if you can’t get your hands on Becca’s Champagne Pop. The full size product comes with a blender, but your fingers can do the trick. It lasts a long time and won’t settle into pores or look uneven.

Last but not least, the Maybelline ColorDrama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Red Essential. Such a pretty classic colour for Fall, just look at my swatches. So creamy and comfortable to wear. UGH! I can’t seem to find them at my drugstore anymore, although they only released last year. I really hope they’re not discontinued, because this is one of the finest things our drugstores have to offer. Period! So if you spot it, better pick one up before it’s too late!

So what were your favourites of the month?

P.s.: currently on my way to London, yay!
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Disclaimer: The products marked with * were sent by PR for review purposes.

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