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If you’re familiar with Max Factor, you’ve probably seen the Lipfinity lip colours at the drugstore. Or hey, perhaps you’ve even tried them. They’ve been around for a while so Max Factor thought it was about time to fresh things up by adding some new colours! I got to try 2 of the new additions thanks to the lovely Max Factor PR Charlotte and my dear blogger friend Lisha, who knows I’m always up for another nude shade (*thanksies*). 

I got the colours 335 Just In Love, which is a gorgeous red colour with pink undertone, and 006 Always Delicate, a gorgeous pink nude which was used during the Victoria Beckham SS14 fashion show. SO MUCH LOVE. I thought Just In Love would be too bold for me at first, but I actually quite like it on me. So much I can’t decide which one out of the two is my favourite. Who knew?

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The Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colours come in boxes because the application is a 2-step process. On one hand you’ll have the colour and on the other, the transparent top coat or lip balm. You have to apply it as follows: STEP 1: Apply colour to clean lips. Keep lips apart for 60 seconds or until dry. STEP 2: Apply clear top coat to lock in moisture and add shine. Re-apply throughout the day to keep your look fresh.

The formula of the colour (step 1) has the same kind of intense pigmentation as the Rimmel Apocalypse lip lacquers, only it’s far less glossy. It dries matte on the lips, so it’s very important to have your lips in tip-top condition before you even start with these, otherwise your lips will look flaky and we don’t want that. The small sponge tip applicator makes it easy to apply although you might sometimes get a little excess on the outer lines of the lip that you might have to correct. I apply the colour twice to make it pretty intense before I let it dry and continue with the clear top coat, which feels just like a normal lip balm, only less oily. You know when it’s time to apply the top coat when your lips start to feel a little tight. If you do it sooner, you’ll just wipe the colour around a bit and it’ll end up on your top coat instead.

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Because the colour really sets into the lip like a lip stain, it’s important to keep it moisturized and this is where the top coat comes in. There’s no way to wear it without, because your lips will dry out within the hour. Think of it as the lacquer on top of the paint of your car. It keeps it in place and makes it nice and shiny. If you re-apply the top coat every couple of hours (or after you had something to eat and/or drink), you should be fine. Keep both in your purse anyway, because it might stay on long, when it disappears, it goes horribly (as in bald patches, dry flakes… just ew).

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Overall, I can say it won’t last you 24hrs as promised on the packaging, but it’s still one of the lip products that I’ve tried that last the longest (about 8hrs) and who’d want them to last 24hrs anyway? They’re not that easy to remove too. The only thing that worked for me is to remove it with an oil-based make-up remover on a cotton pad (I like to use the bi-phase eye make-up removers). If you like a really creamy and moisturized lip, than I’d say go for something else like the Rimmel Apocalypse. But if you’re in it for the longevity, then these might be something for you. They’re a little on the pricey side, but I’m a big fan of the colour palette which makes me want to try some more. What about you?

The Max Factor Lipfinity lip colours retail for € 17 / £ 11 at the drugstore.

// Lip producten die langdurig blijven zitten? Ze bestaan wel degelijk! De Max Factor Lipfinity is een mooi voorbeeld. Dit product breng je in 2 eenvoudige stappen aan: Stap 1: Kleur aanbrengen en even laten drogen, Stap 2: hup, de doorzichtige top coat erover en klaar! De kleur droogt mat op en zet zich vast op de lippen, waarna je ze met de gloss stick een mooie glans geeft en gaat hydrateren. 24u blijven ze niet zitten, al kun je er perfect 8 uur mee doen, mits je op regelmatige tijdstippen opnieuw hydrateert. Net zoals bij matte lipsticks is het ook van belang dat je lippen op voorhand in topconditie zijn, anders krijg je alleen maar uitgedroogde lippen met velletjes, en dat willen we niet. Ben je dus op zoek naar een langhoudende formule dan zou ik deze zeker aanraden. Heb je last van droge lippen en hou je meer van glossy lip colours, dan zou ik je eerder de Rimmel Apocalyps aanraden. De Lipfinity lip colours zijn met €17 nogal prijzig, maar als er kortingen zijn ga ik zeker nog even kijken naar de andere kleuren. Wat vind jij? 

Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples.

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  1. July 1, 2014 / 12:00 pm

    Yep, deze blijven inderdaad ECHT zitten! En de kleuren zijn ook echt mooi.

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