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Remember the gorgeousness of the Givenchy Le Rouge lipsticks? Well fans of that one are in for a treat because after 2 years Givenchy is expanding the range with a new & sheer balm formula!

Let me just start off with saying the packaging is absolutely fabulous. I’m glad they didn’t move away from the original too much because it’s one of the most beautiful lipstick cases I’ve ever come across. The smooth black leather combined with the silver embossing & studs is just.. woah.


This version however is slimmer and longer than the original, which gives the rock ‘n roll looks a more feminine twist. When I open it up the upper part of the lipstick holder is quite wobbly. As I only own 1 shade at the moment I’m not sure this is the case with all of them. Long & elegant lipstick cases like these were everywhere in Japan, so we might see more of this kind of shapes in the future (*coughtrend alert *cough*)! You also get less product for more or less the same price.


Givenchy bills the Le Rouge a Porter as lightweight, nourishing, pigmented & creamy and it’s exactly that. The interesting thing to me however is that it’s quite buildable and leaves a stain. One layer won’t give you all that much coverage, but you can build up a pretty intense colour if you like. Plus, the formula isn’t slippery at all and even long after the glossy effect has worn off, your lips will stay pigmented throughout the day without feeling dry.


The range has a total of 16 shades, though not all colours might be available in your country. I got the shade 204 Rose Perfecto, a bright fuchsia pink shade with blue undertones which is also used in the campaign. It’s not a colour I tend to grab a lot (comfort zones, beauty bloggers have them too) yet it’s one that matches my skin tone pretty well. For the swatches below I used 3 layers:


The Givenchy Rouge à Porter is a great option for those who are looking for an everyday lip product you can slap on without too much effort. They are pretty long wearing, also because of the stain they’ll leave after a couple of drinks or meal. You can build up the colour to make it more intense in case you need a little more glam in the evening. I can definitely see more colours happening!

Givenchy Le Rouge à Porter ( 2,2 g ) – € 35,50
Available at Ici Paris XL.

Disclaimer: The product in this post was provided by a PR for review purposes.

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