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This weekend the Belgian fashion scene gathered in Brussels for the biggest fashion event of the year; the Brussels Fashion Days. During these 3 days, the 10.000 sq m of design centre The Egg were completely devoted to Belgian fashion. The program included 4 fashion shows, a pop-up exhibition ft many young talents, a photo exhibition, 2 parties, a live photoshoot, live casting and hair + make-up workshops. L’Oréal, who was taking care of the models hairstyles and workshops, invited me to come and have a look.

There weren’t all that many photos compared to the actual clothing that was exhibited, but the work of Charlotte Abramow really intrigued me. The people and actions portrayed were simple and serene; a big contrast with the clothing that was presented right next to it.

The exhibition hall was filled with mannequins wearing either extravagant or very wearable pieces; from futuristic sheer armour-like clothing (so Final Fantasy) to just regular sheer black shirts or the animal skull necklace from Le Bestiaire. Apart from the work of these young ‘graduated‘ talents (you can find all the names on the website), the biggest fashion institutes in Brussels also presented the work of their best students, like the 2-piece paint-splatter dress <3.

And then the main event of the evening, the grand fashion show! I saw lots of pretty clothes that night, with the OMSK ensembles and bright pieces by Natan right on the top of my list. However, looking at all of the pieces as a whole, I think the show might’ve been a bit too mainstream and I would’ve loved to see some pieces from the exhibition in action.


For more info, visit www.brusselsfashiondays.be

For (a lot) more pics, visit my FB page.


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