Dove Maximum Protection Original Clean Deodorant Stick

Deodorant. Perhaps not the sexiest topic to talk about, but with Summer coming up, it’s better to be well equipped for those hot summer days, no?

I gave up buying spray deodorants a while ago (still finishing some though) and have since then been venturing into deodorant sticks. I still love the Louis Widmer one, but was curious if the drugstore could offer me the same thing. Once I was standing in front of this huge shelf filled with deodorants I’ve never heard anyone talk about, I knew this purchase was going to end up on the blog. After being clueless for 15 minutes, I went for the Dove Maximum Protection Original Clean Deodorant stick with moisturizing cream.

As part of a new launch at the time, this deodorant stick was part of a collection with 3 scents. I love the scent of fresh cotton/ laundry/ soap over floral or zesty scents, so I went for the Original Clean version as it is a more subtle scent. Trust me, no one wants to smell your deodorant from across the room anyway.

Apart from the scent I also like the design of the packaging. It’s a twist-up deodorant stick that releases the cream from the top. The top itself is well rounded, making it perfect to ‘hug’ your armpits in a very gentle fashion. You can dispense the exact amount of product you want and spread it really easily. The only thing I didn’t like – and I found out later – is that the oil of the product started to separate after a while, which caused the substance to leak when not careful. So no, this isn’t a deodorant I’d recommend to carry around in your bag, but I don’t recommend to reapply stick deodorants during the day anyway for hygienic reasons.

The deodorant cream itself is as promised very moisturizing and a dream for rough or dry armpits. If on the other hand, you transpire easily I would look elsewhere. It will prevent bad scents but not the casual sweaty pit.

Dove Maximum Protection Original Clean Deodorant (45ml) – € 8
Available at the drugstore and supermarket

Disclaimer: Product was purchased.


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