Chanel Les Beiges & Summer 2015


I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I didn’t want to keep you from knowing about what is in my opinion one of the best LE collections of Summer 2015. I’ve been secretly eyeing them for years, the Chanel Les Beiges powders. They pop up on a couple of my Belgian colleagues’ blogs every year and up until now I was able to resist the purchase. Maybe I’ve been trying to hold it off for too long, because right after I purchased the Marinière 01 powder, I went back for Marinière 02. I guess it’s the marine design that won me over this time, it just looks so cute!

stylelab-beauty-blog-chanel-summer-2015-stylo-eyeshadow-les-beiges-mariniere1Thankfully, the powders themselves are more than just cute and I get why they are so well loved by many beauty lovers. They’re finely mild and not dry, which helps set your foundation without losing the natural looking benefits of a liquid foundation. I like to use Marinière 01 all over my face because it is so light in colour and has a pinky tone to it. It contains a little shimmer that brings light to the skin. stylelab-beauty-blog-chanel-summer-2015-stylo-eyeshadow-les-beiges-mariniere2
Mariner 02 is more of a bronzer and I like to use it to add some warmth to the outer parts of my face as well as adding some contour. It’s not too orange for a pale person like myself, yet it can be built to a much darker level for people who are more tanned. I even like the brushes that they come with which almost never happens. The bristles are really soft and the shape comes in handy for contouring. I have nothing but praise for these powders. They were well worth the investment and I would definitely recommend you to have a look at them for as long as they’re still available (Fall’s coming out soon). Especially when you’re really fair, these are not to be missed.


One of my latest makeup obsessions is eyeshadow pens. I love how easy they are to apply and more and more brands seem to be launching their own versions, which in turn brings out the hoarder in me. Chanel released 5 Stylo Eyeshadow pens in their summer collection and I just had to pick up Laurier Rose and Caroube, 2 beautiful everyday shades I could slather on in just a matter of seconds before heading out to work. They’re absolutely gorgeous and you need to work fast to blend them out, but they do crease on me just a little bit whenever I forget to wear a powder underneath. When I put The Balm Rockstar Palette’s Adagio eye shadow underneath, I can wear them seamlessly all day.

Swatch: Laurier Rose (left) and Caroube (right), worn together in the last photo.

Have you tried anything from the Chanel Les Beiges or Summer 2015 collection?
What did you think or which is your favourite product?

Chanel Les Beiges powders in Marinière 01 & 02 – € 52
Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow in Caroube & Laurier Rose – € 29

Now available at the Chanel counters.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were purchased.


  1. September 7, 2015 / 6:41 pm

    waaauw, vooral die eyeshadow pens zijn prachtig!

  2. September 10, 2015 / 10:42 am

    Het lichtere poeder heb ik ook gekocht, het was te mooi om te laten liggen 🙂 Gebruik het ook over heel mijn gezicht, geeft een mooi fris effect.

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