August Favourites


August favourites time! Here’s a quick round-up of the products I’ve been obsessed with during the month of August.

You might have noticed there’s a slight theme here I like to call ‘Pale person turned bronze goddess’. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, because the effect these products provided was actually quite natural, but still made a big difference for a ghost face like myself. Of course I’m talking about the Clarins Radiance Booster (face), the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR and the Chanel Les beiges Marinière 02 face powder. The Clarins Radiance Glow Booster does what it says, boost your complexion by giving it a fabulous and radiant glow. You can go as light or as dark as you want with this product by adding a few drops into your daily moisturizer to build up the colour day by day. This makes such a difference! Definitely one I would repurchase, even though this tiny bottle will go a long way.

I mainly use the Chanel Les Beiges Marinière 02 face powder to contour when I’m done with my foundation, but you can use it as a bronzing powder over your entire face too. I love that it’s not too warm so it’s suitable for pale skin types as well.

You can’t have a glowing face without a matching body, and the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR is just perfect for that. The OR version is the perfect product for summer because not only does it intensely nourish the skin, it also delivers a golden glow and sparkle which looks incredible when the sunlight hits the skin. A great product to pack for a summer holiday.

The Chanel Les Beiges powders had been on my mind for years and I finally caved and bought 2. The maritime beige/pink pattern of Chanel Les Beiges Marinière 01 is absolutely gorgeous and works great as a light finishing powder. It’s finely mild and has a slight shimmer (hardly noticeable, but gives a nice effect on the face).


Chanel pretty much caught my heart with their summer releases, can you tell? I also picked up the Stylo Eyeshadow in Caroube and it’s such a pretty everyday shade. The stylo format makes it really easy and fast to apply. I do use a setting product first to prevent it from creasing too much on my medium oily lids.

Last makeup product of the month is the Brow Styler Gel from Dior*. Now I know I said you don’t really need an expensive clear brow gel and I still think that’s true because the gel itself is pretty similar to the one from Hema I was using. But, it’s the packaging and more specifically the twist-up format that really makes this an improvement for me. Less product is dispensed at a time, giving you the opportunity to work more precisely and not waste too much product by going overboard.

Onto the skin care bits! I’ve been loving my Korean goods lately and the Skin79 Beblesh Balm in Hot Pink, one of the most hyped up original bb creams, is part of that. It evens out the skin tone and texture while leaving a dewy skin-like finish.

Last skincare favourite is the gentle Nivea 3-in-1 Micellar Water for Sensitive skin*, a great cleansing product for the face that doesn’t set you back too much. I’m not sure wether I like this one over the Garnier one, but it’s a micellar water I would repurchase.

What were your favourite products in August?

Disclaimer: The products marked with * are PR samples sent for review purposes.

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