Budget Tip: Ici Paris XL skin care

A while back I announced that Ici Paris XL was going to release their own skin care brand. If you haven’t picked up a product already, this post might help you what to get and what to skip. Please note that not all the products are featured in this post.

Personally, I prefer to spend more on beauty stuff that prepare my skin for make-up (and the make-up itself), than on stuff to take the prettiness away :’). But since any supermarket or drugstore carries their own brand nowadays, it’s hard to seperate the good from the bad. I’ve found two new beauty partners in the Ici Paris XL Eye make-up remover and Cleansing Milk.

Eye Make-up Remover:
The eye make-up remover for sensible eyes consists of 2 parts: the oil and the blue hydrating fluid. It’s important to shake the bottle well before using to have the best result. After putting the remover on cottons I gently put them onto my eyes. Don’t start rubbing right away, but give it some time do work it’s magic before you start whiping. In just a few whipes my eyes are completely make-up free and only a thin layer of oil is left behind. I’m already at my 3rd bottle.

Eye Make-up Remover for sensible eyes 125 ml – 7,95 €  (StyleLab favorite)

Cleansing Milk:
Another product I love using every day. The pump makes it hygienic and it helps getting the right dosage on your cotton. The milk has a soft, pleasant fragrance and a creamy texture that is not too greasy. I apply the same method as with the eye make-up remover to get the best and fastest result without irritating my skin. You can also use this one to remove eye make-up and lipstick.

Cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin 200 ml – 7,95 €  (StyleLab favorite)

Refreshing Cleansing Foam:
The pump transforms the lotion into foam, which I gently massage into my face. The result is a soft and fresh skin that sometimes can feel a bit taut when my skin is too dry. After applying the Refreshing Toning Lotion, my skin feels flexible again.

Refreshing Cleansing Foam for normal to combination skin 125 ml – 9,95 €

Refreshing Toning Lotion:
Since my skin is rather dry at the moment, I only use this lotion on my T-zone to make it look matte. My skin feels soft and fresh after using this product. Love the fragrance too.

Rereshing Toning Lotion for combination to oily skin 200 ml – 7,95 €

Moisturizing Night Cream:
This buttery cream melts as soon as I apply it, which makes it easier to spread and therefore use less product. It’s not too greasy and hydrates well throughout the night.

Moisturizing Night Cream for all skin types 50 ml – 14,95 €

First Wrinkles Night Cream:
I don’t have any wrinkles on my face yet – thank god – so I really can’t say if this works or not. I can only say the texture and scent is about the same as the Moisturizing Night Cream.

First Wrinkles Night Cream for all skin types 50 ml – 19,95 €


Must-haves: Eye Make-up Remover and Cleansing Milk. Though I haven’t tried it, but I heard the hand cream is one of the best products of the range as well. I might try it in the future.

Skips: the creams are okay, but I prefer products that are designed for my skin type, rather than a product that is fit for all. But then again, all products mentioned above have are of a very decent quality, so you really can’t go wrong here. Ici Paris XL did an excellent job.

This post contains products that were offered by a PR agency/ brand.
This does not have any impact on the honesty of this review.

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  1. November 20, 2011 / 11:57 am

    Ik heb de cleansing milk en de toning lotion ooit gekocht in een pakketje tegen een goedkopere prijs bij Ici Paris. Ik moet zeggen, ben heel tevreden over deze producten! 😉 xxx

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