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You could go through your own lipstick stash to look for matching shades to create that gorgeous ombre lip. OR you could get yourself a Flipstick! Max Factor came up with their own solution to apply the ombre lip look at home. Meet the Flipsticks, a range of five double-ended innovative lipsticks that feature a rich and creamy block colour on one end, and an iridescent pearly hue on the other – allowing you to effortlessly mix and match and your look, and get creative with your shades.

“Max Factor lets you push the boundaries of lip colour with its innovative double-ended design. Colour Effect Flipstick features one rich and creamy colour and one lighter, iridescent lipstick shade. The colour combinations were expertly matched by Max Factor make up artists and the super-blendable formula lets you create your look with ease.  You can wear each colour alone, blended together, one on each lip, or apply the second shade just to the centre of your lip. This season it’s all about lip artistry so get experimenting!”

A few ways to use flipsticks:

– wear the colours separately
– apply the darkest shade all over the lip and add the lightest shimmery shade in the center of your lips
– colour the contour of the lips with the darkest shade and add the lightest shimmery shade in the middle and blend the colours together with a lip brush
– wear one shade on the upper lip and the other on the bottom lip
– …


The flipsticks contain wax and other hydrating ingredients, making them really creamy and non drying = love. The bullets are smaller than your typical lipsticks, making them more susceptible to snapping. The gold shade of Gipsy Red already snapped during my second experiment. And yes, I kept them short and I was careful too, so boo! On the other hand, small bullets are easier to work with -> no lip liner needed!

The flipsticks are very versatile in use, making it really addictive to experiment with application methods. Personally, I prefer the contouring method, because this makes both shades last longer. When you only apply the lightest shade on top of the darkest one, the lighter one will disappear quickly because of the creamy texture. Plus, you also need to use a lot of product before you can actually see the effect with some flipsticks, Gipsy Red for example. The darkest shade will last for a long time (up to 5hrs) and will eventually leave a stain on the lips. The compact packaging makes it easy to carry both shades with you in your bag, in case you need to retouch during the day.

+: creamy texture, easy to use, really well pigmented, wears long, versatile in use
: smaller bullets, snap easily, metallic finish (I prefer shimmer), shades are too alike for some methods

Fltr: Boreal Mauve, Bloomy Pink, Salsa Red, Gipsy Red and Melody Brown.

Conclusion: while some shades work better than others, this is a nice product to have in your stash if you’re looking to add dimension to your lips. I’m really loving this product and I’m  looking forward to see more colours from Max Factor with a shimmery finish. My guess is other brands are sure to follow and release their own take on the ombre.

My fave shades: Gipsy Red and Salsa Red <3
Skip: Melody Brown (Is there anyone who looks good with this, I wonder?)

Max Factor Flipsticks retail at Kruidvat for € 12,49

Shades not sold in Belgium (for now): Folky Pink, Mosaic Mauve and Swingy Brown.

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