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Ombre definitely has to be my favorite trend at the moment. We’ve seen ombre in fashion, in hair dye and now there’s the ombre lip! From wine stains to full smokey lips, from matte shades to candy colors; this trend comes in all forms and shapes this season. 

The ombre lip trend is all about adding depth and dimension to the lips, making them look plumpy and bigger. A darker shade around the periphery adds definition, while a slightly softer tone in the center reflects light and creates the illusion of fuller, juicier lips.

How to create an ombre lip:

Before you start, exfoliate your lips using a lip scrub. This will make the effect more visible and last longer. You can add primer as well.

1) The key is to find 2 contrasting colors that are in the same color family, such as: red & pink, red & orange, orange & pink, pink & purple, purple & red, wine & red, burgundy & red.
Try swatching the two colors on your hand first and blend them until they meet to see if they match your skin tone and how they work together.
2) Fill the ENTIRE lip with the darker base shade (to avoid the lipliner effect). Matte finishes work best here. Blend it towards the center.
3) Add the lighter shade in the center of  the top and bottom lips. You can use a firm lip brush or your finger for this. You can use any finish you like, but know that a shimmer or metallic finish will add the most dimension to the lips.
When you make a bold lip statement like this one, make sure you keep the rest of your makeup low-key.

To create multicolor or multishade ombre lip look you’ll need three or more colors or shades of the same color (as seen in the pic of the lower right corner).

1) Apply the darkest shade to the upper lip.
2) Choose the medium shade and apply to the inner side of the lower lip and finish off with the lightest shade on the outer side of the lower lip.
When applying two different colors to the lip blend the line where they meet well to achieve smooth transition from color to color.


Have fun experimenting!



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  1. August 2, 2012 / 7:48 pm

    Moooi! Vooral de combinatie rood met roze spreekt me erg aan!

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