Wrangler s/s 2011: Worn across America

Wrangler is racing through America with it’s new spring/summer 2011 collection: Worn Across America. Imagine that you’re only wearing one pair of jeans on your roadtrip through the United States; for men: the anti-fit Ben; and for women: the low-slim Molly. They start their journey like the dry and rinse-look Indigo. After a couple of months they feel like Just Worn. As the journey unfolds, the mustaches, patches started to fade and signs of use are starting to appear. Eventually, the jeans are rather destroyed. Wrangler has recreated the lifespan of the jeans in 4 phases, each one more worn than another.

Green is the color of this season, like a flash of the outdoors. The military theme continues in the strong Constructed jeans. The concept of strengthened denim was a huge hit with the men last year, and now has found it’s way to the womens line with the new Evolved line. Popular, modern cuts; including slim Molly, the narrow Stokes and wide boyfriend Bill are again emitting power and femininity.

Another key trend is denim all over. There are cropped jeans, vintage-washed jeggings and chino’s, and don’t forget the super-stretch. Denim on denim continues in the pieces, with chambray patchwork as a pattern on jeans, blouses and dresses or on splits, collars and cuffs. New for women is the directional Jess, with it’s high waist and super-slim pipes. Also note the Jay boyfriend-snit shorts.


 Make use of accessories to really complete the look. Wrangler’s belts are handmade in Italy and this season, they’re edited with studs, rivets and embroidery. Bracelets and leather wallets are showing the same craftmanship. Canvas belts, shoppers and messenger bags are continuing the military theme and summer scarves in light, soft fabrics make a great finishing touch. 

Images courtesy of Wrangler.

I’ve already set my eye on look 1 and 4. It’s going to be an amazing summer! See you on the road!


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  1. March 14, 2011 / 6:44 pm

    The pictures are really great, i love it and he way you are describing the colours with the nature it’s really worth reading.

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