The Roitfeld story unfolds…

During the weekend a lot of rumors surfaced regarding Carine Roitfeld leaving Vogue France after a career of 10 years at the magazine. Employees of Vogue are now saying that Carine didn’t leave Vogue voluntarily, but that she got fired by Condé Nast. Apparently they all received an email last Friday saying Carine doesn’t work at Vogue anymore.

Despite the fact that the editor-in-chief was praised a lot for her daring and innovating productions, she also got a lot of bad press last year. Balenciaga removed Roitfeld from their guestlist when she was suspected of passing their designs on to Max Mara.


And Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH wasn’t pleased with Roiteld’s recent work. He thought that there were too few LVMH credits in the January issue and he found the shoot with young models with heavy make-up and dressed in designer clothing rather tasteless. He threatened to reduce the number of advertisements of the luxury group in Vogue, which of course, Condé Nast wasn’t very happy about.

There’s definitely more to this story. To be continued…


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