Will you be my Valentine?

Valentine’s day is probably one of the most commercial days of the year. You either are for or against it. I love Valentine’s day (even though I’m single). It’s a celebration of one of the best feelings in the world; LOVE! Valentine’s day was originally a day where 2 people who were romantically involved would give eachother flowers. Today, Valentine’s day is much more than that. It’s a day where we celebrate LOVE. So all you sulking singles out there who wish Valentine’s day can’t be over soon enough, note that it’s about LOVE and not ‘loveRS’. The ‘lovers’ part is only a fragment of what LOVE really represents. What about love for your family, your friends, maybe your pets or your huge collection of shoes? LOVE comes in all kinds of forms, it’s universal and above all, it is everywhere! Love is also the most important energy source of happiness. So even if you don’t have a ‘special someone’ on Valentine’s day this year, why not celebrate it with others you truly care about?

Whether you want to be spoiled by your boyfriend or you want to pamper someone else (or maybe yourself?), here are some great gift ideas from Lush, M.A.C., La Fille d’O, H&M, Uterqüe, Chloé, Tiffany & Co, S. Oliver and OPI to celebrate this amazing holiday!

Other great ideas:
*send a unique, personalized online message to a loved one via Tommy Hilfigerhttp://tommy.com/showthelove.
*visit a Kiehl’s store in Ghent, Antwerp or Amsterdam and participate in the “spin the wheel & get lucky in love with Kiehl’s” promotion. If you spin “get lucky” you win a prize (a lip balm, deluxe sample, etc.)

Now off you go and spread the LOVE!


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