Essentiel s/s campaign + lookbook

You might have already come across the new Essentiel ad in the latest Elle or another fashion magazine. When I saw it, BOOM, instant love! A model wearing a colorful printed dress enjoying the blazing sun mixed with the vintage setting somewhere in the Californian wasteland. Now that is a campaign that makes me curious about a collection! (Even though I’ve already seen a preview during the pr days). My point is, this sells.

Essentiel brings us a summer bursted with color and fun prints! Whether you like bright colors, military or marine influences, florals or ethnic prints, Essentiel’s got it covered. Also worries if the colors are a bit too bright for you, they also offer enough whites, military green and safari sand colored items. A special attention here for the lovely accessories as well; bright leopard scarves, ice cream totes, flower embellished belts, tan leather bags and bright colored wedges are perfect to add a fun twist to the new spring/summer season.

Special love goes out to campaign look 1, 3, 5 & 6 and lookbook pics 2,3, 9,10, etc. I just can’t choose! It’s Love, with capital L.

Lookbook pics:

Images courtesy of Essentiel.

Great news for all Essentiel fans (like me): Essentiel will be opening a concept store in Roeselare in March/April! I guess my prayers have been heard, Hallelujah! More details will follow, I’ll keep you posted!


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