Video | Shoplog Sales

As promised, I made a video on my purchases during the sales. The video shows much to my surprise that I actually bought quite a lot this time. Usually I only find three pieces tops before I head over to check out the new collections. But this year I headed out with a mission; tick off as many items as possible from my Xmas wish list. AND I had to make sure my buys would match with eachother and with the items in my closet. Tough task, but I think I handled that pretty well.

Btw, I’m relatively new to doing the whole YouTube thing and I’m figuring things out as I go, so please bare with my awkwardness and amateuristic style. Talking to my laptop while there are people in the other room is harder than I thought (cough AWKWARD cough). And the whole uploading process isn’t exactly a gift either. Finding the right royalty-free music was a total pain so I left it out this time. Seriously, kudos for Youtubers who do this every day! I hope it’ll get better after a couple more. I had to cut out A LOT to make it under 15 minutes, but if you have any questions or (review) requests, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments 🙂