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Attention all women out there who are looking for the perfect jeans to fit their curvylicious booty! There’s a revolution in denimland and it’s called the Bottom-Up collection by Liu Jo! The Italian brand has found a new way to put the most beautiful part of the female body in the spotlight. The idea was simple but daring: they used a new couture technique that emphasizes the female curves, instead of hiding them. A simple nip at a strategic place and a reversed hip piece was all that’s needed to achieve that goal. Both details redesign the volume at the level of the hips and make the female curves attractive by making the body look slimmer without needing any form of plastic surgery!

Liu Jo’s Bottom-Up collection is also Hype-Fit: thanks to the use of an innovating fibre Liu Jo managed to create a new generation stretch fabrics of excellent quality that makes the jeans fit any body type perfectly. They show a unique and natural structure and fit the female body perfectly. Above all, the fabric is very sustainable and can take extreme treatments and countless washes.

For spring/summer 2011, Liu Jo has selected 13 different models in 18 differently treated varieties: a wide range that fits all of your denim needs. The collection is continiously evolving, while searching for unexpected details : jeans with French pockets, zippers, visible seams and exceptional washing techniques. The latest additions to the Bottom-Up family are the Fuseaux and Cropped models.




I was already impressed with the Bottom-Up collection when I first saw it at the UPR showroom during the press days last year. Of course jeans always looks different when you see it on one of those skinny models or mannequins (that don’t have any curves at all), than when you try it on yourself. And with all of those promises, I just had to see for myself if they could live up to it.

Liu Jo Bottom Up at the UPR showroom (from the Press days).

I got to try the Standard Leg model. I have long and rather slim legs, but my problems to find the perfect jeans always come down to one thing; the hips and butt area. Where some jeans fit perfectly on my legs, I feel that my blood is being cut off on both sides on my hips, while I have a lot of space left on the back, which is a guarantee for unwanted butt cleavage. When I pick a size bigger, it looks way too baggy, like I’m about to go skating or something.

When I put the Liu Jo jeans on, I immediately noticed that I looked skinnier thanks to the special washing effects on the front of the jeans. It seemed to fit my body perfectly, not too tight and no gap on the back. It felt like I had a second skin. I also love the details of this jeans.

Notice the seams on both sides and the back. Those help create the optical illusion of an instant butt lift.

I really did have the impression my booty got a subtle lift. Conclusion? When you’re shopping for a new pair of jeans, you should definitely go and try on at least one of these bootylicious creations!

The result is a happy Sté! At the moment the jeans space in my closet is at its full capacity, but as soon as I need a new pair of jeans, I’ll be getting one of these babies!

Fun Fact: whenever I think of the Liu Jo Bottom Up collection; this song pops up in my mind:


Girl, you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans

Stylelab ♥ Liu Jo Bottom Up

Note: I do not own this pair of jeans, it was lent to me to try out. Thanks to UPR and Liu Jo.

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