Spotlight: Filles a Papa

Filles a Papa is a relatively new brand created by two Belgian sisters in 2008. Sarah achieved her academic diploma from the Prestigious French Fashion Design School, Esmod International while her sister, Carol, studied in Bruxelles studying Graphic Design. After they graduated, they went to live in New York for 1 year. It’s in the Big Apple where the concept of Filles a Papa was born. Those American influences are clearly visible in their collections. The current collection, which is already their fourth, has pieces that flirt with the Las Vegas style mixed with the Sportswear of Los Angeles but is much associated with the seducing nights of Ibiza straight to your straw that’s sinking in your Mojito from Barcelona.

Filles a Papa is a brand for young women, who like the sisters, don’t take themselves too seriously. They know what they want, have fun and show it through their hot, chic, glam and very rock looks. Filles a Papa is fashion with an attitude, it’s a message of freedom and independence.

With their spring/summer 2011 collection, they now show more than ever how rebellious they really are. They encourage to put on outfits without really thinking about it, as well for a day at the office, as on a lazy Sunday or for a night out. They unite golden and metal colored leggings with leather accents in one collection. They combine them with notable blazers with jewels and black crosses to insinuate the salvation. Throw in some though edges, discodetails and asymmetric dresses and you have a kick-ass collection that’s perfect for wild childs.

This golden legging is my favorite piece of the collection. I absolutely adore it!

You can find the whole Filles a Papa collection at The Glory Box in Brussels.
For more store info, go to



  1. March 24, 2011 / 4:33 pm

    Ik vind het ook echt een supertof merk!
    Must have!

  2. March 25, 2011 / 4:09 pm

    Haha, love the lobster T-shirt! 🙂
    X. Ingeborg

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