Teatime at La Fille d’O

Last Sunday I was invited to have tea and sweets at Murielle Scherre, the designer behind the Belgian lingeriebrand La Fille d’O. Admiring lingerie and eating cupcakes while sitting across the designer herself, how can any fashionista say no to that? So I went on my way to Ghent..

The place to be was the La Fille d’O shop in Ghent, which is also Murielle’s home and atelier. First all the bloggers sat down to have some tea, cupcakes, cheesecake and brownies. I liked the relaxed atmosphere of the event. There was no pressure or anything, just a lovely afternoon meeting Murielle, Stijn and Tom from PURE and a couple of fellow bloggers. My idea of a great sunday afternoon. We should do it more often! 😉

After we got stuffed with all the sweetness, it was time to have a look at what Murielle had created for this season. Subtitles, as the new collection is called, is just what we’re used to from Murielle; sexy, daring and very feminine. I like!  She created a perfect mix of bodyconscious pieces in tule, silk and lamé. The graphics (which kind of reminded me of Batgirl) were carefully chosen to emphasize certain parts and stop at the right places and leave the rest to your imagination. Also the eye for detail and finish indicate of impeccable style. This is one thought-through fashionable collection!

If I’ve learned one thing during my meeting with Murielle, it’s that she is very passionate about what she does. To her, her job is not just making money. It’s trying to find ways to let the female body come to it’s right, by searching for the perfect mix of geometric shapes and the right fabrics.

For example: a lot of lingerie brands put their seams on the sides of your body, because that way they save a lot of money by needing less fabric for one piece. Plus, you can also get any piece no matter what body type you are. Which in some cases may lead to selling pieces to people that are not flattering at all. Murielle does care to try to find the best match between a piece and a body type with La Fille d’O, so it’s possible for some pieces she only has sizes up to size 3.

Does that mean she doesn’t have pieces for ‘fuller’ body types? Quite the contrary! Murielle embraces all kinds of body types and bust sizes. This is also reflected in her campaigns, in which she uses ‘real’ women with real boobs instead of skinny models using chicken filets and photoshop to get at least a little hump. Or worse, overdo it and make the breasts look unnatural. To her, every bust size has it charm and she encourages women not to hide their boobs in artificial pre-made cups that makes them lose their shape. Instead, women should be proud of their boobs, because each pair is unique. If you wanna talk ‘boobs’, Murielle’s definitely the girl!


Unlike most lingerie brands Murielle prefers quality instead of fast and mass production. All the pieces are 100% made in Belgium and she makes the seams in a particular way so that they follow the natural lines of the body, which also helps create the feeling of lingerie as a second skin. And that is how all lingerie is supposed to be. Comfy like a second skin, but sexy as hell! If only more brands shared her way of thinking..

After the short explanation from Murielle, we got the chance to check out the rest of the shop and try some pieces on. I didn’t try anything on, because I’m not that confident to walk around in my underwear while other people are looking. Boooo, I know, but it’s something that I just can’t get over. When I’m trying on lingerie, I always make sure the curtain or door is fully closed, so that nobody can see me. I guess I had too many bad experiences with saleswomen in lingerie stores. Don’t you just hate that some just barge in the fitting room without any notice if you’re dressed or not?! And whoops, there you are, butt-naked for the whole store to see, looking like a shocked deer in a car’s headlights while trying to cover yourself up as quickly as possible. And damn sure, the man who’s waiting for his wife in the fitting room next to me (and who could also by my dad) or the one across the store has seen it too. Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

Ahem, that aside.. Some of the other bloggers did try some pieces on, and I could only think “wooow, that looks amazing“! It looked more ‘alive’ than on the plastic dolls. As they were moving around the store, you could perfectly see how well the pieces were created to fit the female body and its graceful movements.  And because they had all different bust sizes, it was easy to see how well the Subtitles pieces worked on the different girls. Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures of them since that would be inappropriate, so  I can only suggest you visit the La Fille d’O store and try them on yourself. Oh, and don’t be afraid for scenario’s like the one I described above. The shop is relatively small and remote from the crowded shopping streets, so that you can enjoy a one-on-one shopping experience in all intimacy.


What do you get when you invite a bunch of bloggers over for tea? Every inch of your shop/home captured on camera of course! 😉 Have a look at the wonderful world of La Fille d’O..


A discovery made by Immi from Style For Guys, a tray full of thongs with daily sex tips on them, only at La Fille d’O! Update: I just learned the second girl on the left in the picture is Tiffany from Shark Attack 2. Thx for the info, Krizia! 😉




A big thanks to Murielle for inviting us into her lovely home and to Stijn and Tom of PURE, for making it all happen! To the other bloggers; I loved meeting you and hope to see you again soon!


Visit La Fille d’O at Holstraat 91 in Ghent or go to the webshop at www.lafilledo.com



  1. February 9, 2011 / 10:29 pm

    Ooh, het zag er leuk uit!
    Ik was ook uitgenodigd, maar kon er helaas niet geraken. 🙁
    Gelukkig is dit een goede samenvatting van de dag, hihi.
    Het tweede meisje van links, op de foto met het witte kader en schaaltje & sekstips, is mijn zus trouwens. 😀

    x Krizia


    • Sté
      February 9, 2011 / 10:44 pm

      Het was idd superleuk!
      Ja, Tom vertelde het dat je er niet kon geraken. Gent is ook best wel een eindje van Limburg. Ik heb geluk dat ik een eigen auto heb om het land te doorkruisen haha. Wel jammer, had je graag es ontmoet. Better luck next time! 😉
      Wooh, zo zalig van je zus! I had no idea 😀


  2. February 9, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    mooie collectie !

  3. March 16, 2011 / 10:06 pm





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