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Putting on facial masks have become an addiction of mine ever since the new masks from Caudalie landed on my desk. Instead of once a week – usually on a lazy Sunday- I now pamper my skin at least 2 times a week with one or two of the four new masks: the Instant Detox Mask to deeply cleanse and minimize pores, the Moisturizing Mask to relieve dehydrated skin, the Glycolic Peel Mask for bright and radiant skin and Purifying Mask to clarify and target blemishes. They’re each designed for different purpose and the great thing about them is that you can mix and match them to create your own custom mask facial treatment! I posted the suggested combinations down below.

Before I even found out you could wear these together, the packaging was what really drew me to them (aside from the fact I loved my previous experiences with Caudalie products). The masks become packaged in a beautiful sleek hygienic squeeze tube with wooden cap, something I also loved with the Rituals Mandi Lulur collection. There’s just something about wood that gives it a luxurious & refined look. Each tube has a different colour, making it easier to tell which mask your holding, yet the colours are well-matched, making you want to collect them all.


The Instant Detox Mask is designed to purify stressed skin that shows impurities and has been damaged by radicals. Formulated with pink clay & coffee extract (purifies), grape marc (detoxifies and drains), papaya enzymes (delivers radiance) and a blend of 8 nourishing oils, this mask is the strongest of the four. The recommended use is 5-10 minutes, twice a week. The pink formula will dry up and tighten after about 5 minutes and will leave your skin feeling super clean after removing the clay with a lukewarm water (or hot cloth). Great to use all over when you have oily skin, or target your spots or T-zone to get rid of excess oil.


The Moisturizing Mask is a creamy rehydrating & soothing mask that will quench your skin’s thirst in just minutes, leaving it comfortable, supple and soft. It’s formulated with Vinolevure (strengthens and soothes), grape seed oil (nourishes) and hyaluronic acid (moisturizes). This one is recommended to leave on for 15 minutes and remove excess, but I like to use it as an overnight treatment on my dry cheeks.


 The Glycolic Peel mask is a non-irritating exfoliant formulated with glycolic acid (non-irritating peeling), viniferine (diminish the appearance of dark spots & delivers radiance, said to be 62x more effective than Vitamin C) and papaya enzymes (immediate radiance). This miracle worker that activates cellular renewal for fresh, bright and even skin is to be applied twice a week for ten minutes before you since it off. It’s perfect for those with a dull complexion that are seeking an instant boost of radiance without the irritating aspect a lot of chemical exfoliators have. I use this one once a week.


The Purifying Mask was a May favourite as it helped me eliminate the impurities I was suffering from during that month. My combination skin is very prone to breakouts aka the perfect testing grounds for this mask and it did well at that. This facial mask helped to clarify, balance the skin and deeply cleanse thanks to the white clay (purifies), zinc (regulates sebum), chamomile extract (soothes) and the blend of essential oils as seen with the Instant Detox Mask. The skin is left clear, pure and matte after applying it twice a week all over the face or T-zone area for about 10 minutes before you rinse it with water. Now, whenever I feel a breakout coming, I slap this on before it even gets a chance at showing its ugly head.

In short, there’s a Caudalie resolution for every problem.
Pick a duo according to your skin’s needs:


  • The Energizing Duo: The Moisturizing Mask and the Instant Detox Mask duo is the perfect combination to comfort and tighten pores while sweeping away signs of fatigue.
  • The Balancing Duo: Combination skin can also lack hydration. To comfort skin, nourish dry areas with the Moisturizing Mask and simultaneously absorb and mattify excess sebum on the T-zone with the Purifying Mask.
  • The Burst of Radiance Duo: The quick solution is a combination of the Instant Detox and the Glycolic Peel Mask to renew dull skin and brighten the complexion.
  • The Perfecting Duo: To prevent and eliminate imperfections, cleanse deeply and refine skin texture with the Purifying Mask and the Glycolic Peel.

I’ve really been enjoying mixing and matching these masks according to my skin problems each month. While getting all four masks can be expensive (these should just come in a set though! Maybe for X-mas?), a duo could help you a long way. Overall I would recommend the Glycolic Peel, as it’s something anyone can enjoy, no matter what skin type you have and it will help your other products work better. It leaves the skin feel & look radiant after each use.

Another great pick is the Instant Detox Mask, taken into account how gentle and effective it is. Don’t get me wrong, the Moisturizing Mask & Purifying Mask are great. I’ve used both a lot the past two months (see them shining in my monthly favourites posts) and I’ll be sure to use every last drop, but I feel the Glycolic Peel and Instant Detox Mask are extra special.


75 ml – 23,80 € / £ 22 / $ 39 per mask.

Available at the apothecary.

Have you tried these yet? What did you think?
What are your favorite masks right now?

Disclaimer: The products shown in this post were offered by a PR for consideration.

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