Skin79 Hot Pink Super + Beblesh Balm


Even though the BB cream hype has calmed down a little, it’s still one of my favourite bases to use. When I stumbled upon Skin79, one of the Korean brands that pretty much launched BB creams in the Western world, during a trip to Barcelona I knew I had to pick it up and see what all the fuzz was about. I bought the Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions bb cream (hot pink), one of the 2 bestsellers of the brand and suitable for my skin type, which is combination to oily skin.


The product comes in a hot pink and slim plastic tube with a hygienic pump that dispenses just the right of product to cover the entire face. Although I’m all over the looks of this packaging, the thought of the amount of product that’s left inside after it’s ‘used up’ does bother me a little. At this point there’s no more product coming out of the pump, yet the tube still feels rather heavy to be completely empty.

How to use: You apply this after your skin care routine by applying a proper amount of the product (I used 1,5 pumps), starting from the center and work your way outwards in this order: cheek – forehead – chin – nose. After this is properly applied, gently pat it into the skin for absorption.


Photo: wearing nothing but the bb cream

My complaint above might have given it away, but yes I truly did enjoy using this bb cream. Much to my surprise because there’s only one colour, this one was light enough to suit my skin tone. Asian bb creams are designed in a way that they’ll oxidize to suit your skin tone, which is why most only come in 1 colour. The undertone still looked a bit grayish, but that’s easily fixed with makeup I otherwise use anyway: setting powder, blush & bronzer. The most important thing for me is to have a base that wasn’t too dark (for once) and this one meets my wishes perfectly.

Don’t be scared by the word “whitening” by the way, as this is not meant for lightening or bleaching the skin. ‘Whitening’ in Asia actually means brightening the skin or giving it a natural glow. This article from Refinery29 explains the concept in more detail. The result is indeed brighter looking skin with a dewy finish, a look that is very popular in South-Korea. The coverage is not 100% blemish-proof, you’ll need a concealer for that, but enough to even out the skin tone in a way that it makes your skin looks better without looking unnatural or caky, like some foundations do.

I can’t really speak for the wrinkle improvement part, but what I do like is the UV protecting qualities (SPF25 PA++) which helps preventing wrinkles caused by sun damage in the long run.


Conclusion; The dewy effect might come off as too strong for some, which is why a setting powder might come in handy for the T-zone. Otherwise the Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm is a worthy companion for a natural and glowing face that looks just like skin. Moreover, it stays hydrated all day while protecting your skin from the sun. Although the Erborian bb cream is still my favourite, this one has been a welcome addition to my stash and I’m sad I didn’t pick up a bigger tube.

Skin79 Hot Pink Super + Beblesh Balm (15 gr) – € 10,90
Skin79 is available at Primor perfumeria in Spain.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was purchased.

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  1. October 6, 2015 / 10:42 am

    Voor mij zou de finish waarschijnlijk ook te shiny zijn, maar dat is bij bijna ALLES zo, dus ik gebruik sowieso altijd matterend poeder. Verder klinkt dit prima.

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