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We all protect our skin from the sun when we go to the beach or go on a holiday (at least I hope you do!). But what about protection for our hair and scalp? The sun and the beach/water environment can damage your hair in many ways, manifesting as a burnt scalp, faded hair color, frail and dry hair with split ends. And isn’t it a shame when you’ve spent a lot of money to get your hair dyed only to find out the colors faded after you get back from vacation? More than often your regular hair products just won’t do when your hair is exposed to the harsh sunrays during summer. Luckily Redken 5th Avenue NYC brings us the solution to this problem with their Color Extend Sun range!

Redken Color Extend Sun Waterwear (100 ml) € 28,30

Waterwear with UV Filter Mexoryl S.O is a water-resistant treatment that helps protect sun-exposed hair from environmental aggressors. Haircolor and highlights are beautifully guarded, leaving hair with a natural look and feel. It contains the Hydra Shield complex that helps shield sun-exposed hair from environmental damage and humidity, UVA/UVB filters to prevent sun damage and help keep the colour vibrant, Mango oil that replenishes moisture and vibrancy, the Ceramide repairs and resurfaces and an exclusice Interbond Conditioning System. It creates a frizz-free and natural finish in and out the water.

Directions: Apply evenly to dry or towel-dried hair and work through. Do not rinse. Reapply as needed.

Redken Waterwear is a light white water-resistant cream that’s easy to use and because you don’t need much of it, it gets absorbed quickly. The tube is a bit large for one summer if you ask me, since I always try to bring as much sample sizes and minis with me as possible to save weight and space in my luggage. On the other hand the size is appropriate for when you’re on a holiday with the family. Just like the other products of the Color Extend Sun range, it has an incredibly nice fragrance consisting of lavender, bergamot, orange, peonies, roses, jasmin, musk etc. This product is a must if you’re spending a lot of time in the water. If not, I’d recommend the next product from the range, the Take Cover mousse!

Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover spf 25 medium protection mousse (140 ml) € 28,30

Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover SPF 25 Medium Protection Mousse is a lightweight, conditioning mousse helps leave hair feel volumised with healthy looking shine while providing targeted sun protection to scalp. The formula, enriched with Hydra-Shield Complex & IPN, helps nourish and condition sun-exposed hair strands, leaving hair feeling soft with healthy looking shine. It also contains the UV filters, Mango Oil and Ceramide. Redken Color Extend Sun Take Cover helps to protect sun exposed hair, provide moisture & maintains colour vibrancy and reinforces & reinvigorates hair.

Directions: Squeeze out a tangerine sized amount of mousse into the palm of your hand and apply it evenly through damp hair from root to tip, massaging your scalp gently as you go. Work the product into your hair thoroughly and then continue to style as usual.

I mainly used this as a replacement of Waterwear on days on which we went on field trips that wouldn’t involve any water activities. I don’t really use styling mousse, but I particularly loved this one because of its scalp protection abilities since my scalp gets sunburnt easily. The lightweight formula can be massaged onto the scalp with great ease before combing it onto the ends. I don’t use a lot of it because I don’t want my hair to look too oily. Again, the bottle is too big for me, but I guess when you actually want to use it to style your hair, this size would be a better fit. The product really did a wonderful job at protecting my scalp and hair.

Redken Color Extend Sun after-sun shampoo (300 ml) € 20,50

A shampoo that removes minerals, chlorine and salt deposits to keep haircolour looking healthy and vibrant.  The patented UV filter Mexoryl S.O continues to protect the hair even after the product is rinsed out. The packaging has ribs at each side, to prevent the bottle from slipping out of your hand = always a big plus for clumsy old me!

Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, and rinse.

Redken Color Extend Sun after-sun mask (250 ml) € 28,30

Redken patenened UV filter Mexoryl S.O protects your highlights, whilst safe guarding your colour. The after-sun mask detangles and protects the hair, provides intense moisture replenishment and repair, restores vibrancy and protects and defends against environmental aggressors.

Directions: Apply to, damp or towel-dried post shampood hair. Massage through the hair and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

The verdict: I really enjoyed using these products from the Redken Color Extend Sun range and I believe they shouldn’t be missing in your summer haircare routine either! My locks have never been this good looking after an intense exposure to the sun. Before I would return from my vacation with a straw hairdo with split ends and everythingbut thank god that is now in the past. These products smell incredibly good and my hair looks and feels soft.

I used them every day and managed to empty about half of the shampoo and mask (together with another person) and I really used a lot, so my guess is this amount would last for about 32 applications more or less. Because we’re not as fortunate as our Southern neighbours in terms of good weather, I’m wondering what I should do with the amount that’s left. I’ll be looking forward to purchase mini versions in the future if they were ever to be released. Also because this range doesn’t come cheap and I really can’t choose between them! A mini set of these 4 in a cute little zip bag would be just perfect!

Redken is only available in specialized hair salons.



  1. August 6, 2012 / 5:06 pm

    Sounds good!
    Misschien een ideetje om volgend jaar te gebruiken.
    Deze zomer had ik me een spray van Matrix aangeschaft om m’n haar te beschermen tegen de zon, maar daar werd m’n haar altijd extreem vettig van 🙁

    • Sté
      August 6, 2012 / 6:45 pm

      Ah wat vervelend! Ik heb ook snel last van vettig haar, dus gebruik ik niet zoveel product aan de hoofdhuid, dan wat uitkammen en vervolgens wat meer aanbrengen op de haarpunten.

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