Review: Gloss d’Armani

Armani recently released their new range of lipglosses, Armani Gloss, using the beautiful Transformers-actress Megan Fox to star in the campaign. The range consists of 18 colors, going from light nudes to dark plums. Thanks to the Color Bond- polymer which we also find in Rouge d’Armani, the texture of the gloss is able to form a netwerk in which pigments and pearlescent particles stay put. Reflective oils intensify the gloss while silicon oil makes the texture flexible and non-sticky, making the lipgloss stay put for up to 8 hours.

I was given the Gloss d’Armani in color #102 to put it to the test.

The packaging is an absolute plus if you ask me. It looks very simple but elegant and therefore embodies the Armani experience perfectly. I even held onto it  and store my gloss in it everytime after I’ve used it just because it’s so pretty.

The applicator is long, narrow and pointy, making it easy to follow the shape of the lips. The quantity that’s on the applicator is just right to put one layer of gloss on the lips, making the waste of gloss almost impossible.

I don’t wear nude shades very often. Most of them are way too glittery for the daytime and therefore miss the natural-effect I was looking for. This one on the contrary, has quite small glitters, giving my lips a natural shine when light hits them, instead of making them look like a freakin’ discoball.

I paid extra attention to the stickiness, which is one of the selling points according to the press release. And indeed, this is the less stickiest lipgloss I’ve ever had, and I tried quite a few. I wouldn’t exactly say it doesn’t stick at all, because that would make the gloss not staying put as well. And it stays put for quite a while. Again, not for the full 8 hours, but 5 hours is a nice accomplishment if you consider the non-sticky part.

Then there’s the price, which is €30,00 a pop. Definitely not cheap, but you do get a great lip gloss instead and thanks to the perfect dosage of the applicator, you’ll be able to use it for quite some time.

Conclusion: I love the effect on my lips and the lack of the annoying stickiness. I’m definitely a fan and I’m thinking about getting more colors in the future!

Available at 3 exclusive points of sale in Belgium:
PARFUMA 31 Eiermarkt 2000 Antwerpen 03 (also online orders)
GALERIA INNO 111 Rue Neuve 1000 Bruxelles
GALERIA INNO Woluwé Shopping center 150 Av. Paul Hymans 1200 Bruxelles


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