Removing MakeUp With Just Water? The Original MakeUp Eraser

original makeup eraser cloth

Forget the Beautyblender, this is the next pink tool that will soon take up space in everyone’s beauty cabinet. The Original MakeUp Eraser promises to get rid of all types of makeup with just warm water. Yep, you read that right, no products needed. Sounds like the lazy girl’s dream, right? 

I came across this magical pink polyester-blend cloth during my trip to London and without giving it much thought, it ended up in my basket. Whoops. At first sight, it doesn’t look like anything special. It’s just a really soft pink towel. After washing it as indicated on the label, I try to wet it with warm water. It works best when you soak it in hot water, as the water repellant fabric will probably make a mess as you put it under the running tab. Just giving you a fair warning there.

After gently rubbing my face in circular motions, my makeup immediately clings to the pink cloth. This happens very smoothly and fast, however it does struggle with (waterproof) mascara. The last mascara I reviewed for instance won’t come off and I don’t want to irritate my eyes for rubbing too long. I also strongly recommend going in with a second cleanser to really thoroughly cleanse your skin and get rid of any leftover makeup, sunscreen and debris. Double cleansing ftw! Then, you can flip the cloth and use the longer nap side to exfoliate.

It’s machine washable (don’t use bleach though) and I tend to wash it after every 2-3 uses. Do I like to use this to remove my makeup? Yes. Does this completely take over my cleansing routine? No. The Original MakeUp Eraser is ideal for those days where you don’t have a lot of time to cleanse and to take with you on a holiday. For other days, I’ll stick to my gentle oil & balm cleansers.

The Original Makeup Eraser – € 20 / £ 17 / $ 20
Available at Di (BE), Selfridges (UK), Sephora (US) ..

Disclaimer: Product was purchased.


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