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Two weeks ago I paid my first visit to the Pure showroom, home of fellow bloggers Tom Tack and Stijn Verlinden (I Love Belgium). It was just as I had imagined it to be; clean, modern and just as stylish as the boys themselves. Follow me, pls!


Now on to the A/W preview of their brandportfolio:


I have a great admiration for Murielle Scherre, because the La Fille d’O designs are based on what women need. And for this season, it’s no different. Her clients asked for white lingerie and *poof*, here they are. She also thought of ex-cancer patients, who had (one of) their breasts amputated, and she created a special stylish bra for them in which they can put the cushions in the size of their choice.


*Want! Need! Crave!Marc-Philippe Coudeyre created another gorgeous collection based on bee(hive)s. He always seems to be using the right materials, colors, cuts and drapings at the right places. Here’s a selection of some of the things that I loved, but I’ll just confess I really wanted to take the whole rack home with me. *Sigh..*


Huge glass rings in various colors by Elisa Lee.




Uterqüe looks promising as always. Especially love the tan shoes with raffia heels and the mustard yellow clutch with hair. Mustard yellow will be all over the place next season. Funny thing is that this trend started last year with the bloggers.


Chauncey has the most cosy knits in the highest quality since they were produced in ateliers where some of the worlds’ most famous couturiers also produce their knits.




Belgian designer Jessie Lecomte has a lovely collection, but unfortunately a bit out of my price range. For the first two pieces she used a feather print, based on paradise birds. The white sweater is very Chanel and perfect for Christmas times. Love the details, it almost looks like snow. It doesn’t always have to be reindeer and snowflake knits right? Don’t even get me started on the gold piece. LOVE IT! I can practically see myself wearing it with my black leather pants and sky high heels for a fashionable night out. For the moment, I’ll just keep on dreaming..



The bad-ass jewelry of Isabelle Lenfant is a bit more my thing than the collection of Elisa Lee. Love the silver bracelet. It looks like a name bracelet from the hospital or a mental institution or something. And than there’s the drug necklace on the right, which immediately reminded me of the scene from Cruel Intentions (god, I love that movie) where the character of Sarah Michelle Gellar is hiding cocaine in her cross necklace, since this one from Isabelle Lenfent also has a container in one of the pills.

Now on to some beauty goodies..




A whole range of perfumes by Ormonde Jayne. Love the collectors box carrying all samples that you can pull out from the sides. Diptyque celebrates its 50th birthday and therefore they have created a special range of products you can recoqnize by the 34 embossed in them, which refers to a streetnumber. I particularly liked the candle which had an incredible scent and the soap cloth hanger. I always lay soaps in my closet, because they give my clothes a nice scent, but I’ve never seen something like this before. It’s genius, I’ll definitely get myself one of these! All products listed above will be available at Senteurs d’Ailleurs.


Sampar is a brand created for citygirls and has products for all skintypes and -problems. I’m really curious about the Glamour shot, that is said to erase imperfections in about 1 minute. Kate Bosworth and Miranda Kerr are fans of this brand. Sampar will be exclusively available at Planet Parfum.


Apot.Care is a brand that combines the technologies of ophtalmology and dermatology to create a range of revolutionary anti-aging products. It’s a bit too early for me to be thinking about that, but it’s definitely interesting to keep it in mind for the future.

Thanks to Tom and Stijn for the lovely afternoon at PURE!



  1. May 1, 2011 / 6:04 pm

    Knappe post meid! Leuke tekst & foto’s!

  2. May 1, 2011 / 6:11 pm

    Mooie jurken van Marc-Philippe Coudeyre! x

  3. mark+Custers
    August 4, 2012 / 3:04 pm


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