Personal | Outfit Recap and What’s to Come

Happy New Year everyone! Today’s post is a recap on some of the outfits I wore last year. For the year to come I want to continue to experiment with different styles and step it up on the boldness scale. And I kinda hope the same for the average (wo)man in the Belgian streets. Let’s all move away from dressing like we’re supposed to and dress like how we really want to without worrying about what everyone will think. I’m so tired of labels & prejudice. Who knows maybe 2013 will be the year I dye my hair pastel pink/blue?

What’s your favorite outfit of 2012?

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in..

What’s to come in 2013:

StyleLab is turning 3 in Spring, and what better way to celebrate than with a spankin’ new lay-out and logo? I’ve grown tired of this one and it’s not as user-friendly as I would like it to be. 2013 will also be the year in which I get a new smartphone and flood your FB and Twitter walls with news and Instagram photo’s to keep you updated on what’s happening when I’m not behind my laptop. So if you’re not a follower yet, I’d strongly suggest you to click that ‘Follow‘ or ‘Like‘ button! 😉

Since I’m a freelancer now I intend to work on my writing and practice on the blog as well. Expect more in-depth articles on various topics, new categories, interviews, videos, tutorials, DIYs, giveaways and various projects. If you have any suggestions or questions (need help on getting rid of redness, is there something you’d like to know about a particular designer..), I’d love to hear them!

Doing all of it takes time and to combine blogging with a full-time job and freelancing is another challenge I need to face. Therefore I’m going to work with a fixed blogging schedule (for example post new outfits each Tuesday) from now on. (Why hasn’t anyone come up with some kind of software/website or app (specifically for bloggers) to do this?) Anyway I hope you’re looking forward to it and I’d like to thank you guys for sticking with me during 2012!