Rohto Deoball Deodorant Bloom Rose

Deodorant isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I’m thinking of what products to get while in Japan. Yet there I was, watching this bright and colourful tv ad on the metro about this cute little deoball. People were dancing, singing and showing off their pits like there was no tomorrow and I was like ‘yes, gimme that!’ Japan will do that to you I guess.. Rohto is a drugstore staple so it didn’t take long to track it down. The Rohto Deoball deodorant is available in 4 colours, each with a different scent (Floral Soap, Sweet Musk, Bloom Rose and Citrus Sorbet). I chose the pink version which is Bloom Rose.

First off, the packaging of the Rohto Deoball is small, cute and convenient because of its round shape that looks like an EOS lip balm. It has a twist-off cap which reveals a white and round deodorant stick that perfectly fits into the armpits. I prefer stick deodorants over sprays because I believe they are more effective, yet I will only use them on clean skin in order to avoid the growth of bacteria. This deodorant has a rather dry formula, which helps to keep the sweat at bay but it does leave some white residue on black clothing. I love how the floral scent of Bloom Rose is fresh yet subtle, so you don’t smell your deodorant from a mile away.

I got a fair use out of the deodorant, but once you reach the border of the packaging, the fun is over. You can then try to apply the rest with your fingers although the dry formula makes it harder than it should. Although I’m very satisfied with this product as it kept my pits dry during the hot summer days, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to purchase this again. If this were stain proof, that would perhaps be a different story.

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Rohto Deoball Deodorant Bloom Rose (15g) – $8

Disclaimer: Product was purchased.


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