Outfit | What’s That Jacket, Margiela?

No it’s not. But my shoes are! I shot this the weekend after the launch, when I was still in my post-event euphoria. The outfit is the result of a mix of inspirations; the oversized coat in the  Maison Martin Margiela x H&M campaign, part the styling from a Taiwanese drama I watched a while back and the whole sleeping in your boyfriend’s shirt idea.

The eye catcher of the day is – what else? – the pair of shoes. Even though I attended the pre-launch event with no plans to actually get anything I fell head-over-heels for these ankle booties when I saw them irl. They had everything I was looking for; ankle booties in black leather with a funky heel in a height that’s great-looking and comfortable to walk on and would certainly make some people frown here at the countryside.

Oh the irony.

I’m super happy with my purchases, however I’m still not sure how I actually feel about this collaboration. H&M did a great job on this one, that’s a fact. In the past I haven’t been too ecstatic about the designer collabs, not enough to queue anyway (Marni aside). You can’t get much closer to the aesthetic of a brand if you reproduce garments from the archives imo. I love the collection and the fact that the designer is Belgian kind of influences that (even though the house is French), but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel confused.

Isn’t this production on massive scale exactly what Margiela didn’t want for his brand? Sure, he sold his company to the Diesel group years ago, but does that mean it’s okay to go against its philosophy or the brands unique image of anonymity, originality and being anti-mass consumption, the same image that managed to charm its way into the closets of many fashionista worldwide? So the question popped up: “Did I really buy some MMM x H&M? Or was it rather Diesel group x H&M?” For those who are wondering about the reasons behind doing a collaboration, BoF wrote an interesting article about it. Tip: it’s all about publicity!

While we might be dealing with a publicity-overload (for which I’m also a bit responsible – sorry!) we probably won’t see much of the items on the streets as they only appeal to a very select fashion crowd and not the typical H&M customer who only queues to make a quick buck on eBay or simply wants to buy an item “because it’s designer”. But where do you draw the line between making Margiela affordable for admirers and buying into a hype? And how do you know the difference when you have only 10 minutes to decide? Will everyone still be wearing the items they bought next year or will they be forgotten in the back of their closets? And whatever happened to all those Versace pieces hmm?

As if the issue wasn’t confusing enough, the day before yesterday rumors (which have been denied) flooded the internet about a possible collab with Givenchy, another brand I adore. Is it okay to be excited or is it all just too much too soon?


Coat: Mango — Shirt dress: Only — Leather shorts: Topshop — Watch: Michael Kors
Ankle boots: Maison Martin Margiela for H&M — Cross ring: Urban Outfitters

MU: base same as previous — Eyeliner: Maybelline Master Drama — Essie Bobbing For Baubles

Special thanks to my roomie from uni, Steph for helping me shoot this outfit <3

Photos by Stéphanie Tanghe.