Outfit | Party On!

Following my previous post I’d like to continue with another one of my New Year’s resolutions; party more! What kind of a twisted resolution is that? Well, let’s just say I’ll need to find a better balance between blogging and offline social activities this year. ‘Work hard, play hard’ is therefore motto n°2.

Today’s outfit was supposed to be my NYE outfit. Supposed to be. Fate decided otherwise and gave me a nasty flu as a NY’s present instead. Ah well, NYE is overrated and overpriced anyways. Initially I didn’t want to go for the little black dress cliché, but because I ABSOLUTELY wanted to wear my gold sequined jacket -and it matches so well with black- I decided to make that my bling slash colour twist. It brought me an instant flashback to Balmain’s gorgeous F/W 2010 collection which was all about the fierce black ‘n gold combo. Fierceness I couldn’t afford *cries*. What do you think of the black/gold combo?

I’m sorry I’m a bit repetitive on picking the StyleLab HQ as a background btw. I didn’t want my neighbours to think I’d gone cuckoo for wearing this outfit in the middle of the day… you know?

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Sequined blazer, bag & sandals: Zara — Greek dress w/ embellished shoulder pieces: French Connection — Ring: Yves Saint Laurent

So I’m curious, what are your New Year’s resolutions?