Outfit | Cotton Candy Kid

For today’s post we went shooting at the local playground where I literally spent half of my childhood. I couldn’t help but feel like a little kid again when I saw nothing had really changed. It looked just as abandoned and derelict as when I left it behind years ago and the equipment was just as shabby. The only thing missing was the warm laughter of my neighbourhood friends, whom I hung out with almost every day until the wee hours. Just talking, playing soccer or b-ball or secretly smoking our first cigarettes. Those were the times!

Seeing everything as it is now, I guess times really do change. We’re all grown up, we have responsibilities, jobs and some already have a family of their own. Even though I have broadened my scope over the years and I’m not sure if and how long I’m still going to stay here, this place unmistakably helped to shape the person I am today and therefore it will always have a special place in my heart. (Why am I so cheesy today? Bleh I must be watching way too many Asian drama’s). Anyhow. Just wanted you to have some background infowz.

Today’s outfit is a mix of those elements; the playfulness of the cable knit pom pom hat, candy clutch and oversized cotton candy fluffy mohair sweater versus the more adult leather shorts and fierce booties. I feel like I’m still in between and I’m not ready to pick a side just yet. Come to think of it, aren’t we all just big kids who simply witched from dressing their Barbie dolls to dressing up ourselves?


Cable knit hat & mohair sweater: H&M — Candy clutch & black booties: Margiela for H&M
Black leather shorts: Topshop