November Fashion Fix

Yesterday I went shopping in Antwerp, which resulted in some nice loot. No Alexander Wang Rocco bag unfortunately, but I still came home with a big smile on my face!

Long black blazer by 2nd DAY.

Gold sequined blazer by ZARA

Blazers. A key item in everybody’s closet because of its endless styling possibilities. I think I have about 10 different kinds and I still catch myself wanting to get more. So stylish, so chic.

Blue marine sweater by COS.

Black leather gloves with zipper by COS.

Whenever I visited COS, I always left the store empty handed. Not because I didn’t like their items, but simply because I liked so many things I just couldn’t choose! They carry the most amazing basics that are qualitative too. I was really disappointed to hear the rumors about COS opening a store in Ghent weren’t true.

Pink feather statement earrings by River Island.

Black booties with zipper by River Island.

The reason I went on this spontaneous Antwerp shopping trip is because my RI voucher was going to expire by the end of November. I chose these gorgeous black Acne pistol lookalike booties and bought the statement feather earrings I’ve had my eyes on for months. These are by far the biggest earrings I’ve ever had (I normally wear studs), but I have a feeling these will do wonders on any LBD..

Perignon corsage tule mini dress by Vero Moda.

Coco boucle blazer by Vero Moda.

White blouse with black bow by Only.

Thanks to Nina action, I was able to get the blouse for free when I purchased the dress and blazer. I’ve always wanted one of those princess tule dresses or skirts and now that Vero Moda came up with the Alexa Chung campaign I just couldn’t refuse. It’s so big and cute I feel like a stick of cotton candy. The only question that’s left is where or when I’m going to wear it..

I bought the blazer because it reminded me of the ones from Chanel and it was perfect to wear on top of the tule dress and bow blouse. The last one is so cute, this is going to create one hell of a school girl look! <3 it! Especially love how functional the bow is. As you can see, you don’t have to tie it yourself, you just tangle it together with the hook thingies.

As if I wasn’t excited enough, I concluded my awesome day with this delish~sushi dinner by Zao Wang! Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Antwerp! ~kudos to Lisha for introducing me to this food heaven! 😉 ~

 It was my dad’s first introduction with sushi and I didn’t want to keep his comments from you:
Dad: “Why did you buy this on a Saturday night when it’s cold?”
Me and my mom: “Because it’s tasty.”
Dad: “So how do you heat it?”
Me: XD “You don’t heat it! It’s sushi! Sushi is cold!”
Dad: “What! You want me to eat raw meat?”
Me: -_- “Dad, it’s not meat, it’s fish.”

During dinner:
Watching my parents struggle with chopsticks was pretty awesome. Bits and pieces came flying across the table..
Dad: “Ew, what’s this? I’m so not gonna eat this fish skin.” while completely destroying the sushi roll to take the nori (seaweed) out. Baka (stuuu-pid in Japanese)
Dad takes a bit of sashimi and says: “This doesn’t taste like much.”
Me: “Why don’t you have a little taste of the wasabi (the green paste)?”
My dad, as gluttonous as he is, pierces it with a swift move and tries to eat it all at once! Secretly I would’ve loved watching him squeal, but since I’m not that evil I quickly grabbed his arm to prevent him from putting it in his mouth while screaming like a maniac: “ARE YOU INSAAANE??!! I said have a LITTLE taste!” It still took about 2 minutes before he figured I wasn’t kidding and let go. I put a teeny tiny bit on the chopstick and let him have a taste, which made him turn into a firebreathing dragon.
Me: “Ha, told ya! Didn’t I just save your life? Better figure out how to repay me in Xmas gifts!” 😉

Casa StyleLab, never a dull moment..



  1. November 27, 2011 / 6:55 pm

    oh my that is a big loot indeed, so endless! love love the sequined blazer, would look gorgeous with that pompom dress

  2. November 27, 2011 / 8:52 pm

    You should’ve filmed the dinner-scene. 😀
    And I am so going to raid your closet!!! I love every single piece you’ve bought!

    x Krizia

  3. November 29, 2011 / 5:23 pm

    I love the blouse and the blazers the most. You clearly had a great shopping day! Enjoy your pieces and see you @ the blog works! 🙂

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